Hey, I’m Greta Thunberg and you’re not:

Israel mocks Greta Thunberg for pro-Palestine post: 'Hamas doesn't use sustainable materials ...

Saving the planet is so…so…so…so yesterday. Besides they are not using sustainable materials in this war. SHAME ON YOU!

Tens of thousands attend largest pro-Palestine march in British history | Defend Democracy PressKristallnacht: Nov. 9-10, 1938; The Night The Holocaust Began | The ...

London 2024                                         Germany 1938

Whoever said it cannot happen again. It is happening again. WHY??. Because we are letting it happen and our weak ball-ess leadership is on the sidelines doing nothing.

Psalm 83: First Stanza

O God, be not silent; be not speechless;

be not still, O God.

See how Your enemies rage,

how Your foes have reared their heads.

With cunning they scheme against Your people

and conspire against those You cherish,

Saying, “Come, let us erase them as a nation;

may the name of Israel be remembered no more.”

Written 3,000 years ago. It is happening now.

Canadian Rex Murphy died of Cancer.

Writing until the very end. A Rhodes scholar, he was a man of letters who chose to dedicate his life to the pursuit of knowledge and the dissemination of ideas. His academic pursuits took him to Oxford, but his heart remained firmly rooted in the Canadian soil where he returned to begin his long and storied media career.

Despite his achievements, Murphy remained a man of the people. His Newfoundland accent never waned, and his love for the everyday Canadian experience shone through in his work.

Liberal elites hated him, so I know he must have been doing something right.

Think it can’t happen here…in Trudough’s post national state? I was born and raised in Toronto, a city I no longer recognize or feel comfortable in.

Canadians?………………WAKE UP…………….or Sharia Law will be here in a generation or two. Belgium will be Europe’s first Muslim nation with Sharia Law imposed, with more European countries to follow.

Under Sharia, music and dance, such as that below will be banned.

This is how we protested in the 60s – summer love love and all that – they didn’t call it the baby boom generation for nothing.. Innocence! Great tunes.






Say It Ain’t So

Only in Canada you say? Shity. Canada is the wokest country on the planet:


I used to play this as a kid! The city that fun forgot.

And this as well.

” There is no life like it.” Thank God for that.

Our military today…under our illustrious leader, Trudough.

It has begun:

(Ontario) NDP MPPs walk out of Queen’s Park in defiance of keffiyeh ban.

The new Univershity anthem: HAMAS, HAMAS – you bet your Ahsss!

I see your 1.5 kids infidel, but I raise you 10!  Canadian Sharia Law here I come. In this world of ours, evil is good and good is evil!

The “Islamophobia” alerts are really flashing red in Australia.

This started with a Muslim teen stabbing a bishop in Sydney, Australia. That led to the arrests of 7 Muslim teens. It turned out that they wanted to go on a rampage killing Jews.

And now a white teen 16-year-old convert to Islam stabbed a man in the back in Perth and was shot dead by police.

The authorities and the media are assuring us that he was “mentally unstable”, but there seems to be a particular outbreak of “mental instability” involving Muslim teens and knives.

Surely this is a pattern that only an ‘Islamophobe’ would notice.

The leader of the Free World talks with the mentor of today’s Univershity protestors.

I was 9 and in grade 5 when this came out.:

Biden is definitely in the 20th Century, while the rest of us are in the 21st.



More Crazy Stuff

New zoning regulations coming but….

It is just a mostly peaceful protest.

That was sooo yesterday.

I am a Liberal and I support this peaceful protest.


University is sooo toxic. Promote university and watch your child’s future fade away. Learn a trade, or start a business.

Divershity is our strength, unless you are white.

See how poker is played in the worId of Islam: “I see your 1.5 children infidel and I’ll raise you 10! Your call.”

I see a sharia law Canada in about 50 years, if our weak leadership continues unchecked.

Their credo? Kill a Jewish person and claim islamophobia…nice! Sets you free.

Ill-liberal policy in Canada: It is for the greater good.

Joe Biden? Graduated 76th in a class of 75!

Go to college and learn to protest…or take Women Studies…your choice.

Another classic from the 60s.




I Am A Protester And You’re Not or…I’m Not A Happy Camper

Ah….101 days until Le Puy. Can’t wait but have started my training regimen. This time? Hills and more hills.

You must see Le Puy en Velay - a Medieval Treasure on the Pilgrim's ...

I want to get out of Dodge. Just think: no TV, no news, no protesters…no hate…for 40 days. Just a beautiful walk in the natural park of southern France…and no noise. Love it.

Speaking of a walk in the park.

Pro-Palestinian protesters attempt to disrupt New Year's Eve festivities in New York City ...

Protesters. What do they want now?

Yesterday??? Climate Change

Today??? HAMAS and the wholesale destruction of Israel. Kill the Jews… and Jewish state.

Tomorrow? The World.


Climate Change is sooo…sooo yesterday man. Sooo… out of it. HAMAS is in baby. Oh yeah, we also want to destroy the west to become an alphabet culture. Everybody will love somebody…as long as it’s queer. HAMAS will love us…you’ll see.

Hamás: la persistente espina en el costado de Israel

We love you. C’mon over and see what we mean by that.

“How dare you!”

Greta is not too happy about all of this as this narcissist is no longer the center of attention.

I need a climate change exorcism.

Get lost Greta. Don’t you know that HAMAS is the in thing now? Not the planet!

Vezelay France: The French Camino’s Starting Point

Another excerpt from the book I am working on: My Camino: A First Hand Account”

Vezelay…Vezelay. How to describe it. It was not an exceptionally large town, but it had a unique footprint. It was wide and bulbous like a bowl at the summit of the hill where the Abbey stood and then narrowing down considerably like the long neck or stem of a bottle at its lower end, where the two main thoroughfares mentioned earlier intersected. It was as if Vezelay came about as a glass blown artifact of nature.

What appeared to me as being the main street of the town had a very steep gradient. It was cobblestoned and surrounded on both sides by neatly pointed brown coloured stone buildings. They were not tall or large but functional for the various commercial enterprises. From what I could see the upper floors were used as rooms to ‘let’ or quarters for the store’s owners. There were many cafes and restaurants with small outdoor terraces, courtyards, boutique hotels and what seemed to be high end fashion establishments.

Vezelay was extremely affluent and from what I would learn later it was an expensive tourist trap. This was due to the draw of the Abbey itself; the associated Pilgrim starting point on the way to Santiago de Compestele and the ambiance of the surrounding countryside that is steeped in history, culture, food, and wine, especially wine. The surrounding landscape of this hilltop enclave is picture perfect, as if sculpted by heaven itself. Every shade of green can be seen on the hills and in the valleys. The hills themselves seem to undulate in the heated air of the hot and hazy late afternoon sun but in perfect harmony with the environment. You see meadows and forests, separated by ploughed fields that emit a shade of gold, amber, and even bonze: dazzling colours. Now this may not be Canada, with its wild scenery, robust landscape and raging rivers, nevertheless, this countryside is no less spectacular than Canada is but in a more peaceful, subdued, and sculpted sense. Added to that is the rich tapestry of culture, history and hospitality of the Bourgogne and you have a heavenly recipe for happiness and well being. Indeed, I almost became emotional myself when viewing this scene, as I have been given the opportunity and blessing of being here at this moment in time. For the first time in months, I was happy, extremely happy, and not just for the circumstances I have found myself in but for the adventure that was soon to begin. I felt like crying. Tears of joy welled up in the tear ducts of my eyes. Moreover, the road up to the hilltop Abbey was like a stairway to heaven itself. And like the heavens it dominated the landscape. Why would anyone go to Paris or any of France’s major centres with all of their social ills, filth, and crime when they can visit a region like this is beyond comprehension?

Another Johnny River’s Classic: