Natural Gas

A friend sent this to me. From the “Independent” no less:

Funny but so, so true.

But hey, I guess I am using it too with this blog. Aaaahhhhhh!

Love this headline:

“How Canadians Are Finding The New Joint Pain Relief”

This is super dude as so many things pop up in my mind when reading this, or smoking this, especially given our new Canadian Cannabis laws.

It has come to this. Speculation that Breaking Bad actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were going to get back together died when the two declared that they were going to collaborate on a new line of Booze called Mezcat:

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul are posing for a picture: Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul attend the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles on Aug. 25, 2014.

“Biggest let down in history,” one person commented on the Instagram post. Another wrote, “I’m sooooo disappointed I can’t even….shit”

“I thought it would at least remotely be related to ‘Breaking Bad.’ DISAPPOINTED,” added another, while farting.

Wow, go to social media then. That should help.

I am sure these guys or gals would agree with you:

The next Group of 20 summit will be held next November in an altogether more forbidding environment: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It will take place in the modern surroundings of the new King Abdullah Financial District, with 59 towers and a few architectural wonders.

For a taste of the real Saudi Arabia, summiteers need only take a cab south on King Fahd Road. In about half an hour they’ll come to Deera Square, colloquially known as ‘Chop-chop Square’ for its frequent public executions.

“Kinda hard to get your head around this new development, a proud member of the UN was heard to say.”

It is coming to this, part two: “California Teacher Fired for Her Pro Western Civilization Views.”

Teacher Praises Western Civilization, Her School Fires Her

Coming too to a Canadian school near you.

Why is it that everything the left touches is destroyed?

As only a brit could do or say:

Sir Kim, the UK’s Ambassador to the US, said it had become “impossible” for him to carry out his £185,000 a year role after it emerged he dubbed the White House “uniquely dysfunctional” and said Trump “radiates insecurity.

OK, we’ll find someone else.

“You’re fired.”

Hey Kim, is that your real name? Nelson died over 200 years ago. Time to let the Brit BS go, don’t ya think. You are no longer in charge.

Hey Victoria, B.C. Here is a new revenue stream for you to consider:

Blue Jays, Dot…take note!

Found this little obscure headline. I can’t believe it’s news:

” Buy your natural gas like a pro”

See the source image

Or get it for free.


Quote of the week:

Cabot Phillips on American exceptionalism: ‘You don’t see people flooding the shores of Norway” or Canada for that matter.

It has come down to this: American hipster. They all look the same don’t they.

Love the man-bun though.

First time ever. A woman came to my door canvassing as a member of the Conservative Party of Canada, hoping to become our representative in the upcoming election. That has never happened to me in my entire voting lifetime. Nobody ever comes to my door…great. I think it is a lost cause though because my riding has voted NDP for the last 60 years…and done nothing for us. “We represent the working man.” the NDP say. A complete scam.

It’s a gas,gas,gas.

Have a great day.





A San Francisco Treat

Canadian Woman accused of mailing ricin to President Trump, Valley law enforcement agencies identified.

BLM are in an uproar. How dare she send that TRUMP bastard Uncle Ben’s for shit sakes.

The Canadian woman accused of mailing envelopes containing the poison ricin to President Donald J. Trump and local law enforcement agencies has been identified.

Next time, BLM says, send him rice-a-roni. That’ll kill him for sure. It’s a San Francisco treat…feces laced.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation identified Pascale Ferrier, 53, as the suspect in this case. They, the CBC are rolling out the red carpet for her. Other smug Canadians across Canada are rejoicing…. eh?

Are ya sure she’s a she and not a he,ze,or zit? Eh?

RCMP said an an earlier report that if she hadn’t put a return address on the envelope it is doubtful she would have been caught. All the light bulbs went out on the remark.

But the children are our future. JK Rowlings books have been banned or burned due to her controversial gender beliefs – as in – there are only two genders. Either you are a male or a female.

The natural world has gone amuck over this latest development.

Hey, even if a guy wants to be a girl he is still a she / male. If a girl wants to be a guy she is still a she/hee…geesh

I was raped by whoever Trump picks to replace Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. So there. Pelosi agrees… however.

Cuban Woman Barbara Lagoa May Be Trump’s Pick For SCROTUM…nope…read above.

Ya know your society is screwed when…Vermont grocery store worker fired after apprehending purse snatcher.

Jennifer Lopez bikini photo giving us all ‘vacation vibes’

She was fined for wearing a mask.

Heaven help us.



I Love Peaches

I love peaches. So does Nancy Pelosi

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 18: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) talks to reporters during her weekly news conference at the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center September 18, 2020 in Washington, DC. With elections just 45 days away, House Democrats, Senate Republicans and the White House have not announced any progress in negotiations over coronavirus economic relief legislation.

“We’ll impeach that bastard. We’ll impeach him in the morning. We’ll impeach him in the afternoon, we’ll impeach him in the evening. If he gets re-elected, we’ll impeach him. If he tries to nominate a SCOTUS before the election, we’ll impeach him…impeach him…im…im…im…impeach him. Hey, wears my mask anyway? I needs my hair done…somewhere paw lease, get me my facial. How do you like my peach colored hair anyway? Hey, I’m 80 plus years old, “blue” hair doesn’t suit me. I want peach hair please, please…impeach for F^%k sakes. Where’s b…b….b….Biden. With Kamala? Who names themselves Kamala anyway huh? Impeach her. What kind of name is that? Kamala? No Klu…k.k.k.kamal? Kluck off. Impeach. I’m a democrap and you’re not. Impeach….”


Short one today. Whew I am peached!


The Kids Are Our Future

John Turner passed away at 91. Canada’s 17th PM albeit for a very short time. He stood in after Trudeau the 1st resigned. I liked him. Good looking man, well educated but a very humble and honest human being. If one remembers, Mulroney clobbered Turner in one of the debates of 1984, Mulroney delivered that famous knock-out line: “You had an option Sir…”

Turner had no credible response to that line. He stuttered, then stammered, then stumbled, then lost. It was all over for him.

R.I.P Mr. Turner.

See the source image

Goodbye to the “Silver Fox”

I just watched Netflix’s “Social Dilemma.” It is a terrifying documentary about the toxic combination of social media and surveillance capitalism — and how together they’re harming our lives and our society. That would be Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube and all the rest of the social media family.

If you have young children you especially need to watch this. It is scary.

But this generation is not the first for control of the masses. Witness the Metropolis movie of 1927:

If we’re not careful and attentive this could be our future.

Housing under government controls:

See the source image

The UN’s vision of a new suburbia:

See the source image

Sustainable food production:

See the source image

Universal heath care:

See the source image

Personal initiative:

See the source image

Loss of freedom and independence with government controls:

See the source image

This is the UN’s vision for the future for all of us:


It certainly is so live it and turn off the screen, phone, tablets and social media and get out there and enjoy life.

What? Me worry?

See the source image

Happy Monday


Maple Leaf Forever

Canada’s electoral process of first past the post is inherently flawed. What we have here, in real terms, is an elected dictatorship. The current proroguing of Canada’s parliament by Justin Trudeau and the end of various committees that could have potentially harmed the PM’s credibility and political future is a case in point. Every four years we go to the polls nationally and one individual is elected Prime Minister. The party that he or she represents becomes the party in power. That individual then has up to four years to govern as he or she so wishes. There is no oversight. It becomes an exercise of arrogance and scandal. He, she and they can do whatever they feel is right for the country based upon their own ideology, and not necessarily the will of the people they represent. The opposition has no choice but to nod their little heads and follow suit.

Question period, which is supposed to keep the government honest and in check, is a façade and a democratic joke. If the ruling party does not like what they hear or the debate on policy decisions they can shut question period down and go for the vote, and always along party lines. If the PM is fearful that his will is being undermined and his survival is at stake he can prorogue parliament (shut it down) until such time as he feels his patina is somewhat less tarnished. That is what is going on right now as I write this.

Some would say, yes, but that is why we have regional representation in the Senate. To protect us all from an elected dictatorship of the commons. Yes that was the original intent of the founding fathers but the original provinces, primarily Quebec, have stated that they will never agree to another province, or group of provinces with regional biases such as that found in the west, to supersede their authority or power within the Confederation. Same goes for Ontario. Added to that, Senators are appointed by the sitting PM, usually along party lines, so the chamber of sober second thought is in reality a drunken mirror image of the sitting government. It is a political joke and a partisan club of old fools.

The final nail in the cabinet hierarchy is the dictatorial rule of the party leader, or PM, who chastises and refuses to allow his own government Members of Parliament (MPs) and Senators to vote with their conscious or constituent wishes with the threat of caucus exile if they decide to do so.

What can be done here? This is my  suggestion and it is based somewhat on  population and representation.

Right now Canada has 338 seats – primarily based on a population of 35M people, the majority of which reside in Ontario (14M) and Quebec (8M). If the west was considered regional, i.e., Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, their total population would come in under 11.4M people. The north consisting of Yukon, Nunavut and NW come in at about 100,000 people. They could be lumped in with the west for a western regional total of about 11.5 M people, about 3M more than Quebec. The Maritimes – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland – come in at about 2M people. They could be lumped in with Quebec as an eastern regional block for a total of about 10M people, close to the west but not quite. Ontario would remain a central regional block in and of itself with 14M people. Three regional voting blocks in Canada but with all having nearly similar population numbers.

Thus Ontario has 40% of the population of Canada; the west and eastern blocks 30% each. Translate that into seats and one comes up with Ontario:135 seats; the west and eastern blocks 101 seats each for a total of 337 seats. Close enough.

At election time each province would vote accordingly but separately from their respective blocks. A tally would then be taken. For example, lets say the Green party took 8% of the vote in BC, 3% in Alberta, 2% in Saskatchewan and 4% in Manitoba. They would have 17% of the western block of votes. The same rules would apply to the Liberals, Conservatives. NDP and others for a percentage total of 100% of the western voting block of 101 seats. In this example, the Greens would take 17% of the western seats for a total of 17 seats, representing the West in Ottawa. The same rules would apply to the central and eastern voting blocks. Conceivably the Green Party could receive, using their western 17% gain as an example, 22 seats in Ontario and another 17 seats from the eastern block for a total of 56 seats in Ottawa. Under the current electoral rules the Green Party would have one maybe two seats in total as their percentages are too low to win a majority in the various provincial electoral districts under our current system.

Ridings at the federal level would disappear. Seats in parliament would be allocated to the western provinces and northern territories. Same for the east and central regions. These seats could be broken down further to represent various districts within the regional voting blocks. The end result would in all probability be a coalition government as no one party would ever receive the majority of the votes within each of the regional blocks to form a majority, but no one region of the country could push their policy or ideology or agenda over the other. The parties and regions would have to work together to make things work. The country would be split into three regions, all with some form of regional autonomy to represent their respective interests while in Ottawa. Right now there are probably six vested interest regions in this country, two of which have almost complete control of the Canada’s political outcome – Ontario and Quebec. It is too “centrally centric.” Ontario and Quebec have too much political power. Something has to change.

I feel it is time to rid ourselves of the undemocratic first past the post electoral process. I am probably naïve here as this would require a change to the constitution of this country. Something that in all probability will never happen. But the consequences of our current system are dire: regional separation particularly the western provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. If this were to occur, Quebec would be next to separate and go it alone leaving Ontario, British Columbia and the maritime provinces isolated. The Confederation would be dead.

Just my thoughts for a Friday morning. It is raining out here in Mill Bay, BC

“The Maple Leaf Forever” is a Canadian song written by Alexander Muir (1830–1906) in 1867, the year of Canada’s Confederation. He wrote the work after serving with the Queen’s Own Rifles of Toronto in the Battle of Ridgeway against the Fenians in 1866.
To me this should be our national anthem.
And bring God back into the fold of our country, with Judeo / Christian values. If we don’t the fabric of this country will be torn apart.We have already started on a slippery slope.