Ah, As Time Goes By In Canada

This is nice:

Birju Dattani, former executive director of the Yukon Human Rights Commission, was appointed chief commissioner in June and is to take up the role in August for a salary of between $330,000 and $390,000…Wow. I am a Human Rights expert and you’re not.

After his appointment was announced, Jewish organizations raised concerns about the screening process and posts he had made about Israel while he was attending graduate school under a different name almost a decade ago. Well, it is a human right, right? 

Following those concerns Justice Minister Alf Virani’s office announced it would do an independent investigation of Dattani’s “potentially troubling” statements before he starts the new position. Alf Virani?? The blind leading the blind?

ALF (TV Series 1986-1990) - Posters — The Movie Database (TMDB)I am Alf Virani…and you’re not.

A spokesman for the Privy Council Office (PCO), which is responsible for vetting appointments, now says there was an “administrative oversight” during the vetting process before Dattani’s appointment. Yeah, right. Administrative oversight is Ottawa code for we really fooked things up.

Daniel Savoie says Dattani’s other name was not searched or given to the security agencies also involved in background checks. Other name? Other names, aliases? Are you kidding me? Oh, yeah, obfuscation is a human right in Canada, don’t ya know.

The RCMP and CSIS are “now completing the necessary reviews.” But Dattani was not fired.

“(The PCO) has undertaken a review of its background check process in this case and has issued direction, as part of its standard operating procedures, that all aliases provided should be reviewed and shared with partners for review,” Savoie said. Whew! That should do it.

“Yup, 10-12 Submarines. You betcha, by golly, gee willickers. And unlike our last buy these subs will actually be able to submerge. You have my word on that because I am Bill Blair and you’re not.”

Submarine In Bathtub - YouTube

Defence Minister Bill Blair inflated numbers on military spending, says a Budget Office report. It follows Department of National Defence in-house polling that found half of Canadians believe the military is underfunded: “Do you feel Canada’s military is underfunded, overfunded or receives about the right amount?” Well do you??” Trudough wants to know. More obfuscation.

Canadian defence? It is an oxymoron. When the rest of the world spells defense with an “s” Canada spells it with a “c.” Further obfuscation.

How fooked is Canada’s defence organization? Well back in the late 80s Canada built 12 Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels. They are supposed to defend our coasts from smugglers, polluters etc. But they can only do 15 knots, max. Boston Whalers can go faster. So the would be smugglers give these vessels the finger as they speed off over the horizon. “Yeah but they look good,”: Bill Blair says, “and that is a deterrent.” Yes, the pirates are shaking in their boots over that statement.

Canada just built 2 Arctic offshore patrol vessels, and sent one of them to Cuba to deter the Russian naval presence there. Does anyone see the logic in that? Last time I checked there were no ice floes in the Caribbean.

The Canadians are coming…the Canadians are coming, the Russian Admiral lamented.

Canada receives first new Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship - YouTubeYeah but we have a 50 caliber gun.”

Meet the 5 Deadliest Warships from the Russian Navy | The National Interest

“Ottawa. We have a problem.” So says the Canadian On Scene Commander in Havana Harbour.

The Canadian Navy is a joke.

Best Health Care System in the world??

The NDP and Liberal solution? We need more administrators with higher salaries that should be paid for by higher taxes on primary health care providers. Easy peasy. Yeah, that should do it. That should do it. We want moe money.

Thank goodness for that. I guess Freelunch in now our health minister, and you’re not.

We want moe money. And in 30 years time, when this is totally fooked up we will demand moe money because the Government should have known better and never have turned over the reins of this program to incompetent indigenous agencies. Moe money. Moe money. The benefit that just keeps on giving.

AFN’s draft child-welfare reform deal with Ottawa reportedly worth $47.8B

The head of the Assembly of First Nations has informed chiefs that a draft deal with Ottawa on child-welfare reforms is worth $47.8 billion, a source who was in the room says — more than double what was initially promised.

Great if you can get it…and I can’t.

Jetted From Morocco To India

The Senate’s leading opponent of fossil fuels in the past year jetted more than 100,000 kilometres to climate conferences from Casablanca to Mumbai, new records show. Senator Rosa Galvez (Que.), a Liberal appointee, called climate change “the greatest challenge of our time.” says who? Who? The World Health Organization, that’s who. Yes but who’s on first, I don’t know is on second, and I am a liberal senator and you’re not is on third.

Casablanca - Casablanca Photo (29953143) - Fanpop

“Of every gin joint…she had to pick mine”

Of course it is because I am a Liberal appointed senator…a Quebecois and you’re not.

Ottawa? Quebec’s government by proxy in its rule over the rest of us.




Off to Le Puy, August 13th. Another Camino. It will be my third.;

The 479th largest French city: Le Puy-en-Velay : r/europe

Can’t wait. Of course I will catch each day’s events on this blog.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity means death to whatever…

It’s a start!

To be more ‘diverse and inclusive,’ KFC Canada drops pork and makes all chicken halal.

To ensure inclusion the UK is expected to be a Muslim governed country within 15 years. Sharia law is coming. Count on it.

Likewise Belgium will become Europe’s first Muslim governed country. Count on it.

Why is it that Liberals and far left radicals call themselves Progressives while anybody who has conservative values is castigated as Far Right.

Why do lefties riot when a conservative government is elected but expect conservatives to blindly accept a Progressive win?

The Dems stole the 2020 election and will do the same in 2024.

Biden is corrupt. The US is corrupt. Canada is corrupt. France is corrupt. The UN is corrupt.  Corruption is everywhere.

June was the hottest month on record so says the corrupt UN. In fact its was the 18th consecutive hottest month on record, so they say. In fact, according to the UN, 2024 is going to be the hottest year on record, 6 months from now,  just like 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020…………………………2010, 2009, 2008…well you get the picture, were all the hottest years on record.

Did you know that the UN takes its temps on the surface and not at the 1-2 meter mark above the surface, which is normal met protocol? UN equates to total unadulterated climate BS.

So, discrimination is not a Canadian value huh? That systemic racism doesn’t exist in Canada huh? Well, how about this:

The Department of History at Memorial University (Newfoundland) invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in the History of Race, Colonialism, and/or Diaspora, commencing July 1, 2024. Preference will be given to applicants who are Black or a person of colour as per approval granted to the Human Rights Commission pursuant to Section 8 of the Human Rights Act.

In other words “whitey” need not apply.


A recent Memorial Univershity engineering grad.

Happy Canada Day

“Canada Day”

Hip hip hooray it is Canada Day

In our home and our native land

Hip hip hooray it’s a day to be gay

From a government that says that we can

Hip hip hooray it is Canada’s Day

As our leaderless leaders would cry

Hip hip hooray it is Canada Day

Forget the graft, and the cheats and the lies

Hip hip hooray it is Canada Day

With righteousness the bureaucrats hide

Hip hip hooray it’s our national day

Let’s undermine our Veteran’s pride

Hip hip hooray, it’s the Canadian way

To lose sight of a national dream

Hip hip hooray on this Canada Day

To be mired in our regional screams

So sad to say on this Canada Day

To keep integrity and values at bay

So sad to say on this Canadian day

That my country is lost in its way.

Happy Canada Day…but:

According to our government, Canadians have to be diverse and inclusive.  In that vein we must:

Celebrate the homosexual lifestyle, even if only 2.3% of our country claim to be of that genre. Pride must be a permanent year long celebration and not just the month of June, you know;

Israel and Palestinians clash on Gaza border as Jerusalem Ramadan violence flaresCelebrate Ramadan as Islam is the religion of peace, so continue to burn down those Christian churches. It is understandable;

See the Best Photos of Diwali, The Festival of Light | Time

Celebrate Diwali, the festival of light, but celebrating Christmas is racist;

Toronto - Gardiner Expressway Tamil Protest - 2009 | Senses Lost

Celebrate the Sri Lanka culture, even as the Tamils shut down a major highway in Canada;

Pro-Palestine protests rally against McGill University and Legault - The Tribune

And don’t forget the River to The Sea protests at Univershities across Canada. Most protesters don’t know what River (Jordan) or what sea (Med);

Donald Trump inauguration: Anti-Trump protester's screaming performance goes viral | Daily Telegraph

After taking a knee, the next step is being spelled out for Justin Trudeau - The Globe and Mail

Celebrate Antifa, BLM and other Marxist organizations. Take a knee PM. We are so proud of you.

For this:

Photos: Portland protesters clash with police | CNN

A black drug addicted felon becomes an American folk hero and global icon. Result? Let’s celebrate:

FBI, federal prison riot teams deployed to George Floyd protests

Portland protesters create own 'autonomous zone' by pitching tents ...


Celebrate Greek liberation Day, the Portuguese, Italians, Koreans, Ukraine, (insert country here);


Celebrate Canada Day?

You must be a kidding or you are a

racist, homophobic, bigot, radical misogynistic, right wing extremist…

…and supporter of colonialism, our history and heritage and Judeo Christian values, a creed that built this country and whose citizens sacrificed much.

Yes I am, because the alternative is a nightmare.

How do we repay those who believed in a strong and free Canada?:

Two damaged queen statues at the Manitoba legislature to be rebuilt ...



Liberal Creed

Justin trudeau makes chrystia freeland his implementer in chief and minister of everything - Artofit

Hey, we’re Liberals and you’re not. I am the Prime Minister of Canada and you’re not. We’re here to screw you. Hey, this is my journalist Finance Minister and you’re not. Canadians are sooo stupid. They elected me didn’t they. “Funny that eh Christia?”

According to Liberals:

Conservatism equates to the radical far right.

There is no such thing as a radical far left.

Progressive-ism is a Liberal wet dream;

Woke-ism is a another Liberal wet dream;

Canada is the woke-ist country on the planet;

Canada’s House of Commons is, in reality, a House of Clowns;

Canada’s parliament is a Ship of Fools;

Canada is the world’s first post national state;

Only in Canada do we suffer from systemic environmental racism, whatever that means;

If you criticize a Liberal or a Liberal policy you are (insert whatever here) phobe

Liberalism means trans-parent-cy – nastiness.

Liberalism means the budget will balance itself;

Liberalism means debt, debt and more debt;

Liberalism means tax, tax and more tax;

According to Liberals, Conservatism equates to dictatorial behavior nastiness;

Liberals take the bible mantra: The Lord givith and the Lord takith away…to heart in all of their policies;

The Liberals are great at coming up with new ideas and legislation to screw us.

Sask wisdom. People are getting mad:




52 days until Le Puy en Venay. Can’t wait.

You must see Le Puy en Velay - a Medieval Treasure on the Pilgrim's ...

Woke Canada

Canada, Trudough’s post national state with no core values is the world’s wokest country. Consider this:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be spending $110 million in taxpayer funding on anti-racism and DEI consultants to fight what the Liberals consider the endemic problem of racism at the heart of Canadian society.

The minister of diversity, inclusion and persons with disabilities, (we actually have a minister for this??)Kamal Khera, revealed details during a press conference on Saturday. Saturday? Everyone is sleeping in!

I hope they start with themselves because this government is probably the most racist in all of our history.

Whitey Anglo  need not apply. I worked in Ottawa for 12 years. Unilingual Anglos are discriminated against at every level of government. All of the important positions are held by French Canadians. Ottawa is a proxy for the Province of Quebec. They run Canada.

Why would anyone send their children to this Canadian Univershity:

The Centre for Indegogy at Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo, Canada offers a two-day module: What on earth is Indegogy? A know what Pedagogy is but Indeegogy? Turns out:

Participants will be introduced and consider how to teach decolonizing knowledge from a conscious and methodological approach.

Participants will begin to recognize how imperialism, colonialism, capitalism, and racism underpin colonization.

Build an understanding of a systemic and structural approach to colonization toward facilitating decolonizing knowledge.

Participants will be engaged in circle methodology to envision decolonial practices.

Read the part above about systemic racism. De colonization is code for a racist approach to undermine White Canadians of Anglo Saxon heritage. How racist can you get? 

Canada is slipping into toxic insanity.

By the way, Sir Wilfred Laurier was one of the most racist Prime Ministers that Canada ever had. Worse than John A but he is glorified. Why? Because he was a Liberal. John A was a Conservative.

Bath Spa University Students' Union

Where have I seen that before? Oh yeah, BLM, Black Panther salute.

Panther Fist | Black panther art, Black panther fist, Black panther tattoo

No difference from this:

The desired end state is the same………………HATRED.

Leadership in Canada on full display by Canada’s ex Green Party Leader Elizabeth May:

Treason anyone?

Apparently gardening is racist, so no more gardening allowed.

Would you rather see this?

Or this:

A home surrounded by a lawn made of wildflowers.

No Mow May or June, or July, August and September

That house will soon be sold as a fire sale.

Woke-ism equates to insanity. I guess Canada’s anti racism strategy will address gardens in our cities.