Tax, Tax And More tax

Budget Day:

Another $40B. Doubled the debt since he was elected in 2015 from $600B to $1.2T. Ah the Liberals. So liberal with our money. Govt now pays over $1B per week in debt servicing. And what does Trudough think about all of this?


Dear Orchid: “Canadians are sooo stupid.”

And his solution? Tax the snot out of the upper, corporate and working classes.

Enjoy the decline to third world status Canada.

Sad thing is that we have to endure almost 1.5 more years of him. And, watch him renege on the fixed election date to add and additional year on to his current mandate, which means we have him for another 2.5 years.

Oh, this is cute:

BTW, dear leader accused us all of that most heinous crime…GENOCIDE.

But the MSM and our political leaders will ignore this as it doesn’t fit virtual signaling narrative. We have been deceived big time. Just like CO2 is the climate change boogeyman – according to our stupid leaders.

Happy Ramadan but Easter Sunday is Trans Visibility Day

Our very own Valley Girl with her good ole buddy. Mahmoud!

From left, Mélanie Joly, Mahmoud Abbas and Ya’ara Saks.

A photo tweeted by Global Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly Thursday night of her meeting in the West Bank with the territory’s leader has drawn outrage from Israel supporters who noticed the photo also includes the Jewish Liberal cabinet minister Ya’ara Saks holding hands with Mahmoud Abbas, known for antisemitism, Holocaust denial and supporting terror.He is a known terrorist yet here she is, our Global Affairs Minister, with another Liberal Jewish MP, cozying up to this terrorist piece of shyte.

This is our Canada as we know it.

Majority of UK Muslims want Sharia law across Britain. This is coming to Canada and the US as well. Belgium will be the first European Country that adopts Sharia Law. But to shout out a warning will brand one a islamophobe here in Canada. Muslims know this all too well as they play out the racist and demographic card. For every one or zero children Canadian or American young women have,  the Muslim women will have 5…or 6…or 7…8,9,10. What the Muslims failed to do by the sword they will do demographically. Their stated goal is a global caliphate.

Diversity is not our strength. It is our weakness and our Achilles’ heel. And the Muslims know it.

I visited Toronto last week – the city where I was born and raised. Demographically, I no longer recognize the city. Thanks to Trudough, I am a stranger in my own land.

Wake up Canadians!


“In the West Bank, we met with President Abbas to discuss the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the future governance of the Palestinian Authority and the work to advance towards a two-state solution,” Joly wrote in post to X. In the photo, Joly is shaking Abbas’s hand, but Saks, Liberal minister of mental health and addictions, is on the other side of Abbas and appears to be holding hands with him.

Article content
Article content


Abbas has a long history of Holocaust denial and has spread the conspiracy theory that Israel perpetrated the Oct. 7 terrorist attack committed by Hamas. His Palestinian Authority government in the West Bank also pays allowances to families of terrorists killed in attacks out of a “martyr’s fund.”


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“He denied the Holocaust. He denied October 7. He set up the Martyrs Fund that rewards families of terrorists who kill Jews,” wrote Conservative deputy leader Melissa Lantsman Thursday night on X. “You held this guy’s hand.”


Conservative MP Marty Morantz in a tweet called it “absolutely shameful” to see the Liberals “holding hands with rabid antisemite, (H)olocaust and October 7th denier Mahmoud Abbas.”


And Michal Cotler-Wunsh, the special envoy for combating antisemitism in Israel, tweeted that while Joly and Saks had not made time to meet with her in Israel to discuss the “tsunami of lethal hatred” in Canada, they had “Time to meet PA leader that denies Holocaust; fuels antisemitism; pays to slay Jews.”




  1. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
    Mahmoud Abbas openly flaunts his antisemitism for all to see
  2. Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly responds to questions from reporters in the Foyer of the House of Commons on Parliament Hill after Question Period, in Ottawa on Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang
    Mélanie Joly visits Israel only to trivialize Hamas’s sexual violence



press release from Global Affairs Canada noted that Joly also met with Riad Malki, her foreign affairs counterpart in the Palestinian government, during her visit to the West Bank on Thursday.


“During the two meetings, Minister Joly raised the dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza, including the protection of civilians and the growing threat of hunger and disease for displaced Palestinians,” the release said. “The Minister emphasized that a humanitarian ceasefire is urgently needed to stop the violence, bring hostages home and ensure that civilians in Gaza can access humanitarian relief.”

Article content


Article content


It added: “Minister Joly also discussed the unacceptable sharp increase in extremist settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank. (She) reaffirmed Canada’s position that the expansion of illegal settlements in the West Bank endangers the prospects for a two-state solution and highlighted Canada’s continued calls for perpetrators of extremist settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank to be held accountable.”


Last September, Abbas drew widespread condemnation from American, German and Israeli officials for a speech in which he said Hitler had “fought” Jews for their “social role” as money lenders, and not because of their religion.


He also repeated a discredited theory that European Ashkenazi Jews are the descendants of a nomadic tribe that converted to Judaism during the Middle Ages. “When we hear them talk about Semitism and anti-Semitism — the Ashkenazi Jews, at least, are not Semites,” he said. The argument is often used to suggest that European Jews have no historic ties to Israel.


Abbas’s PhD thesis from a Soviet university promoted the antisemitic libel that Jews had collaborated with Nazis during the Holocaust.


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No Title As Yet

Writing a new story. It is a fictional account based on a true story about my Camino Journey in France and Spain. I am about half way finished. I do not have a title as yet.

The Camino?… The Camino… The Camino? ” What is that?” I thought to myself.

Tyler’s words were still running through my mind, as I began my drive home. What did he say?

‘It’s a Pilgrimage Jim, or in this case, a walk across the top of Spain. The French Way. Eight hundred kilometers (or 500 miles!).

“Holy shit” I said to myself under my breath. “Eight hundred kilometres? That’s no mean feat. He must be nuts. He has to be.”

I couldn’t get the Camino out of my mind for the entire drive home. “I will check it out.” I said to no one aloud and when I arrived home, I immediately, hurriedly, went down to my computer room to ‘Google’ the ‘Camino.’ To my surprise hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hits popped up.

“Where’s the fire? What’s the emergency?” My wife yelled from the top floor. Can’t you at least say hi.”

“Oh sorry…hi…nothing Maray, just something Tyler mentioned to me tonight that I want to check out. Something called a Camino.”

“A Camino?” She yelled. “What’s a Camino, or do you mean Casino.

“I am not sure. Something to do with an eight-hundred-kilometre Pilgrimage in Spain. Tyler is going to do it this spring. I want to check it out and then I’ll tell you all about it.”

“Oh, that’s nice.” She said. And then “don’t forget to take out the trash.”

‘Hmmm, yeah, I will.’ I thought but didn’t respond.

“Holy shit.” I said aloud as I looked at the computer screen and Google’s response to my search term. “This is way…way too many hits to grasp. What on earth, how on earth have I not heard about this?” Then again, I wasn’t into walking or hiking so I had no reason to know or even think about long distance trekking such as this Camino. I had other things on my mind, sailing being the primary one for me. But having sold my boat a year ago perhaps I needed a new focus on life. Perhaps the Camino or something like it would fill the bill for me. I’ll check it out in the morning.

I don’t know what Johnny Depp or Aiden Quinn have to do with this song.

141 days to go until I start Le Puy en Venay.


No More White Christmases

Now I know Trudough is nuts:

Trudough stood up in Canada’s House of Clowns and stated during questionable period that White Christmases (weather, not race) without his hated Carbon Tax would be a thing of the past. No more snow in December. This guy is a science luddite and absolutely nuts. Then again his mentor and climate idol Al – never been right – Gore has never been correct in any of his predictions yet people still view Al as a  climate prophet and a high priest in this new religious cult. Gaia, mother earth, has replaced Jesus Christ in the doctrine of climate change.

Let us see:

No more snow by 2015:

Snow Predictions 2024-2024 Massachusetts - Corey Pearla

Upstate New York and Atlantic Canada.

by 2013: No more snow on Mt Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro climb by Marangu (Coca Cola) route. / Tanzania / Africa ...

Today on that mountain.

Lake Chad will be dry with no more water:

Lake Chad - Lakes of the World -

Lake Chad today.

Maldives will be underwater by 2018:

Discovering Malé: Point of Interest and Activities to Do ...

Maldives today 2024.

Arctic will be ice free  by 2013:

NASA SVS | Arctic Sea Ice Maximum 2023

Arctic as viewed from space in 2024.

And on and on it goes.