Goodbye And God Bless

I will be shutting down this blog. I get very few visitors and little feedback or comments these days so I feel it has outlived its usefulness and its fun.

I have been doing this since Sep 2016. Very enjoyable for me and much has happened since then. My wife of 40 years, Marijke passed.

                    Marijke and I at the Grand Canyon, 2005

After a couple of years, I moved on and met a wonderful woman, Dot, a widow herself. Spiritually we are both on the same page. Christians thru an thru. We feel we are blessed with each other now and my two sons love Dot, which is great and is something that I and she were really worried about. And Dot’s two sons  are happy with us as well. Whew!

Dot and I at a pub on Galliano Island 2021.

In 2018 I did the “Way of Vezelay,” which is a 900 kilometer pilgrimage walk in France from the 9th century Vezelay Monastery, eastern France, to St Jean Pied de Port – the precursor and starting point of the Camino De Santiago, or the way of St James. During that trip I was able to visit Lourdes, a Catholic Pilgrimage site where the Virgin Mary appeared to St Bernadette in 1858 – a peasant girl who lived in Lourdes France in the Pyrenees. That walk and that visit were spiritual awakenings for me. It is a matter of faith though.

Staying away from the madness and negativity of big city life that we know of today was refreshing. It also helped me get over the death of my wife.

Thanks to all who supported me and encouraged me on my walk with your comments.

             Finished! Just outside of St Jean

The blog helped me on my journey as a writer too as I tried to keep in practice by doing the posts Monday to Friday for 6 years. I have just finished my 4th book Red Jewel. I really enjoyed putting that story together. It is a fictional account but based on true events.

I will not stop doing a blog, just a different one. It will be part of my new web site: Check it out. I want to focus more on my writing and the marketing of my books.

So that is it. What is wonderful about blogging is the contacts you make from people all over the world.

Thanks and may God Bless you.

Remember, that with all of the chaos, wokeness and madness in the world today, one constant is certain and that is that God is in control of everything. If you know and believe that then all of your anxiety and worries melt away.

To all of my friends out there, cheers…Shakey Jay


John Morrison


A grumpy old retired Naval Officer who may well be way past his best before date.

My preferred national anthem, which would be banned today, for a signoff:




My Prime Minister

Take our Prime Minister….Paw…leez

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

And then there is “We”

Just two of many…and they keep electing him!

My Canadian Prime Minister wore blackface 3 times that we know of and then accuses us Canadians as being racist, genocidal maniacs. That Canada suffers from systematic racism;

Supports changing Canadian history if it reflects colonialism. But not Liberal past transgressions and never Sir Wilfred Laurier. Only Conservatives;

Supports BLM and Antifa. Took a knee for BLM and allowed their protests in Ottawa but vilified and crushed the Freedom Convoy;

Crushed freedom convoy protesters as having unacceptable views and then supports those who would burn down Catholic Churches as being an understandable reaction;

Calls himself a feminist and then fires two highly respectable women cabinet ministers for not towing the line in his support of a corrupt Quebec engineering company, SNC Lavalin;

He appointed a valley girl to be our feminist Global Affairs Minister;

Announced that all resource projects have to have a feminist slant to them or they won’t be approved;

Shut down the Keystone, Northern Gateway and Energy East pipeline. Next? Kinder Morgan.

Has destroyed Canada’s energy sector;

His qualification for PM? Assistant Drama Teacher;

He nominated a journalist to be Canada’s Finance Minister;

He has been found ethically challenged 3 times by Canada’s ethic commissioner;

Misappropriated himself and embarrassed Canada on a government visit to India;

BC reporter allegedly said that our PM groped her during a music festival before he was elected PM. He says that her views are hers alone and do not reflect reality;

His virtual signaling policies have seriously divided Canada along racial and ethnic lines;

He judges people by the colour of their skin and or ethnic lines and not by their character, merit or qualifications;

He had racked up more debt and deficit than all of the past Prime Minister combined. Over 500 Billion dollars over 7 years with more to come;

He is only in this for Quebec because under him only Quebec matters;

Supported Quebec unilateral amendment to our Charter of Rights even though Quebec is not a signatory. Refused Alberta’s attempt for Charter change;

Admires China;

Allowed Quebec to drop English as a provincial official language but bans any attempt by any other province to ban French.

Feminizing Canada’s Armed Forces and studying ways to take religion out of the equation all together.


He is a woke


And he intends to make Canada the wokest country in the world.

With only 33% of the vote this guy is in for life as long as Hazmat has his back. And he does along with other things.

I consider myself a Canadian only because I was born here. I certainly do not consider myself a Canadian in Trudeau’s woke version of our country.

Take my Prime Minister……………Please

But…but….who else is there? Anybody, anyone, hey even Kermit the frog.







New Book: Red Jewel

Due to a medical emergency at home here in Mill Bay, my posts will be minimal. Followers will be notified of new posts.

I have just published my latest book: Red Jewel. It is available on Amazon as an epub ($5.99) or a paperback ($24.99). Just go to, select kindle books and then type in Red Jewel in the search bar.

Click on the link below and then click on the shakeyjay link to view Red Jewel’s cover page:

Red Jewel_cover_KDP_hardback

An overview:

Jim Turnbull is a twenty two year old Canadian with no sailing experience. Nigel Filtness is a thirty three year old British national who is a brilliant navigator and sailor with years of experience behind him.

Nigel, based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, is hired by Jim’s brother-in-law Sadao Katagiri to help him fulfill his dream of sailing his boat, christened Red Jewel, from Vancouver to Nagoya, Japan, his homeland. During the first leg of their journey to Hawaii, it becomes apparent that Sadao suffers from chronic seasickness and has to give up on his dream in Honolulu, their first port of call. Rather than abandon Nigel and Red Jewel in Hawaii, Sadao asks Jim to accompany Nigel as his crew and help him deliver Red Jewel to Japan. Jim jumps at this chance for adventure and agrees to go.

Jim’s arrival at the Ala Wai Marina and his initial encounter with Nigel are not without problems. Jim cannot understand Nigel’s coldness toward him nor his verbal slurs. Nigel’s intolerance and impatience with respect to Jim’s lack of nautical acumen is acute. Their relationship quickly becomes toxic. Nevertheless Jim is determined to make a go of things in spite of Nigel’s acidic personality and is enthusiastic and eager to do his part for a successful outcome. Indubitably, the unlikely partnership on this journey, coupled with the inherent dangers with open ocean sailing, will have signifi cant consequences for both of them.

John Morrison is a retired naval officer. He currently lives with his wife in Mill Bay British Columbia. His inspiration in writing Red Jewel came as a result of his experiences living aboard a sailboat at the Ala Wai Marina in 1973 and of his sailing from Honolulu to Saipan in 1974 in a Spencer Thirty Five off shore cruising sailboat.

The stories and characters found in the narrative of Red Jewel, while fictional, were mined by the author based upon his experiences as a young and very inexperienced sailor with much to learn.

John Morrison aka SJ…Out

Living On a Thin Line

Check these out by clicking the links at the top of the page.

Canadian health authorities have determined that a 16 week interval separating vaccine doses is acceptable and innovative. Thus all Canadians vaccinated with the first dose will have to wait four months for the second jab.

Meanwhile, back at the pharmaceutical ranch:

Statement: Pfizer position on dosing intervals of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine

“Pfizer and BioNTech’s Phase 3 study for the COVID-19 vaccine was designed to evaluate the vaccine’s safety and efficacy following a 2-dose schedule, separated by 21 days. The safety and efficacy of the vaccine has not been evaluated on different dosing schedules as the majority of trial participants received the second dose within the window specified in the study design.

Data from the Phase 3 study demonstrated that, although protection from the vaccine appears to begin as early as 12 days after the first dose, two doses of the vaccine are required to provide the maximum protection against the disease, a vaccine efficacy of 95%. There are no data from this study to demonstrate that protection after the first dose is sustained after 21 days at an efficacy rate of 0.5%.”

But we are smug Canadians so we know better.

Doesn’t it make you angry that the vaccine danger that we are now faced with can be attributed directly to the incompetence and failure of Justin Trudeau and his government lackies?


Well it should Ontarian and Quebekers.

More Canadian Covid bafflegab:

Canada has among the strictish Covid measures in the world:

Canada continues to let flights in from infected countries. Our Covid infection rate per capital has now surpassed the US and other G7 countries;

See original text above.

Three in five Canadians say they’ve experienced undesired pandemic weight changes.

Pandemic weight changes? Or is that weight changes of pandemic proportions?

That is Canada-speak to say “YOU ARE GETTING FAT” so stop eating.

In Canada we cannot say the Covid virus originated in China as that would be considered racist hate speech – so says an expert on the Spanish Flu. His Asian Flu colleagues nodded in agreement.

Non sensical nonsense:

“What bothers me is the withholding of opiates for cancer patients, especially terminal patients with pain.  Since cancer is the end of the road for roughly half of people (and increasing as other causes of final ends are being better treated), withholding pain control for the terminally ill out of fear of addiction seems deeply wrong to me.”

Its like swabbing the arm with alcohol of a convicted murderer prior to receiving death by lethal injection.

Just sayin

From The Babylon Bee:

We here at The Babylon Bee are marriage experts. Being considerate and helping your wife around the house is key to a healthy marriage– and it doesn’t even have to be hard work! We drew from decades of combined marriage experience to compile a list of easy ways to help your wife out.

1. Rinse a dish and leave it near the sink: Your lady will swoon when she sees how considerate you are! For bonus points, place the dish in the sink so she can easily put it in the dishwasher later.

2. Place excess trash in an organized pile near the trash can until she takes it out:  Little things to make her life easier go such a long way!

3. Avoid the toilet seat debate by peeing in the sink: Lifehack!

4. Never shower so she’ll have fewer towels to fold: Also, if you never wear socks, you’ll never get in trouble for not throwing them in the hamper.

5. Helpfully gather all the dirty clothes and passive-aggressively place them in front of the washer: Whatever you do, DON’T actually put them in the washer. You’ll probably do it wrong.

6. Leave her helpful instructions on sticky notes around the house so she’ll know how to do things properly: You can add little hearts and “XOXOXO” for extra romance.

7. Say helpful phrases like “My mom didn’t do it that way” when she’s cleaning: Wives love to learn new things from their mothers-in-law. What a great way to pass down helpful knowledge!

8. Send her pictures of the messes around the house while she’s away so she can mentally prepare for the tasks ahead of her: This selfless act will help her stay mentally organized. It’s the least you can do.

9. Start the lawnmower for her: Use your big man strength to start the mower so she has more energy to mow the lawn. If you really want to drive her crazy, roll up your sleeves so she sees your big arms while you crank the engine.

10. Pick up your feet while playing Xbox so she can vacuum under them: Invest in your marriage and do it without being asked!

11. Place all the sandwich ingredients together on the counter to cut down on her lunch-making time: For extra helpfulness, leave another sticky note to help her make it correctly.

12. Have many children so they can help around the house: And if you’re a Mormon, you can also take a second wife to help your first wife with the chores!

So true… love this. I want one!

We are living on the thin line…by the Kinks.


Canadian Armed?? Forces Today

Under our dear leader Herr Trudeau:

“More inclusive” military to permit face tattoos, fake nails, dyed hair on soldiers

Mouse over the image and click to read the full article.

When I served I had to ask permission to grow a beard. Today, that would be considered too manly.

I want a new country.





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