Why I No Longer Subscribe to the MSM

With headlines like these, who needs the MSM anyway:

Trump is a predator: Former Canadian PM.

Trump will start WW III.

Trump as President would pose global danger says UN rights chief (UN Human Rights is an oxymoron, its chief an even bigger OXYMORON)

Trudeau’s impressive outreach to First Nations.

Trump is un-American.

Trump causes Global Warming!

Ice berg calving from glacier in BC caused by Climate Change. We’re all goin to die.

Loss of Arctic ice caused by Climate Change.

Arctic Ice expansion in 2016 caused by Climate Change.

Climate Change caused by Trump.

Humdrum Hillary will be just fine.

Hillary linked to Climate Change. Has to outdo Trump’s claim to Climate Change.

Bert Lancaster’s 1956 movie “The Rainmaker” linked to Climate Change.

Republicans urge Trump to quit then vow to support him? duh!

Not to be outdone Republicans claim to be the cause of Climate Change.

Gore said Arctic would be ice free by 2013. Brit scientist claimed 2016.

Both wrong as Arctic ice is expanding at a great rate. Gore and Brit scientist claim credit for Climate Change and blame it all on Global Warming.

Woman claims Trump groped her on a plane 30 years ago. 30 years ago!?!?

Woman claims her memory loss 30 years ago was caused by Global Warming but luckily, climate change brought it all back again.

Clinton and Gore blame Global Warming for hurricanes and extreme weather. 1900 Galveston: anybody remember that one??

Gore said Arctic would be ice free by 2013 and that Mt Kilimanjaro would be snow free by now.

Wrong again.

New claim that current Arctic Ice expansion and heavy snow on Mt Kilimanjaro caused by Global Warming.

Eeee Gads