What is In a Word?

I hear that some do-gooders want some sport teams names changed. Indians, Eskimos, Blackhawks are deemed to be too offensive. To whom you ask? Well, they don’t tell us that.

To me these guys and gal Social Justice Warriors are the real racists. They just keep bringing this shyte up. Sports fans don’t. The average sports fan and working guy or gal doesn’t give too hoots. Heck, most Social Justice Warriors, the ones who continually put this crap into our faces, probably hate sports, never played and were probably bullied in school for their lack of sports acumen, bravado, disjointedness, awkwardness etc and were probably the geeks who couldn’t lace up a pair of skates, or cleats if their lives depended on it. They now want to wreak linguistic havoc on the rest of us as some form of revenge, or Karma or both. Who knows and who cares.

Have you ever met an activist or SJW who is happy? Smiling?

No they just enjoy rasping in their own spiteful hatred. They must have had terrible childhoods.

Heck, most fans are extremely loyal to their team’s moniker, handle, mantle etc. It provides continuity between generations of sports fans and provides a rallying cry for competitiveness and their team’s success. It is tradition and a proud one at that.

If you are going to ban these names then let’s ban the following:

Lions, Tiger Cats, Stampeders, Blue Bombers, Rough Riders, Argonauts, Alouettes, Red Blacks, Eskimos;  Ottawa, Victoria, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax;  Canucks, Flames, Oilers, Leafs, Jets, Canadienne; I, we, she, he, us, you, they, it; Mary, Joseph, Jesus, all the Saint’s names, Christmas, Easter, Epiphany, Popes, Catholic……………….and on and on she goes. Someone can always find a reason to find a name or moniker (really just a word), offensive.

Hey, let’s get rid of the entire English Language as it invokes terrible memories of those dastardly Brits and their evil empire.

 Let’s just use Esperanto from here on in or better yet….Pig Latin


achy-shea-jay-eh, out-eh.  eee-say, ooo-yay – aiter-lay