Just the Facts Ma’am

Canada’s Minister of the Environment wants to shut down all coal based operations in Canada by 2030.  Cross-training will be a boom industry they say.

Jump to 2030, “Headline News.” Small towns for sale in the Province of BC.  Surge in Ghost Town sales in BC interior. One Provincial MLA was heard to comment….”Well, just think of how many pictures can be taken by hundreds of tourists of that one small building. That one small building will pay for itself a thousand times over. It’s a cash cow that one small building from one of the Ghost Towns. Just think of how much revenue all of the other small buildings in all of the other small Ghost Towns in the Province of British Columbia will bring into our government coffers. That more than offsets the tax revenue lost when the town’s main industry went bankrupt. Whew!

And all those small town mayors across Canada that feel they have a bright economic future, take one step forward……………As you were Tumblir Ridge


Drug overdoses in Vancouver’s safe injection sites?!?! Their solution? More safe injection sites of course. Pop-Ups! Sad state of affairs with these drug overdoses.

Shut down the oil and gas sector, mining, hydro, everything in BC. A Vancouver Barista’s wet dream. However, be careful what you wish for. Back in 1959, the Canadian Government cancelled an AV Roe’s contract for the development and production of the AVRO Arrow.

In what seemed to be an overnight-like decision, AVRO then laid off 14,500 workers on a Friday – Black Friday, in the Toronto Area.  An additional 15,000 indirect jobs of every conceivable profession and occupation, e.g., lawyers, doctors, professional trades, retail and even unskilled workers, were lost across Canada because of this decision.

And how about all of those subsidies that people depend on? Are they sustainable without an economy to support them?

I don’t think so.

Just Thinkin*

“Hey Jay, Howzit goin eh?”                                             

“Hey George. Long time no read.”

“Bin here Jay. What’s going on these days?”

“Pretty quiet in Cyber-land George. Craziness has toned down somewhat. Weird and Whacky as well.

The Progs are at it though. Pretty bad case of THC going on.”

“THC Jay? Is it 420 day already? Oh yeah. Right! Here’s to all the stoners out there.”

“No, no, no George. Not THC as in “Weed” but as in Trump Hysteria Condition”

“Right.  How so?”

” The Dems and Progressives want to overturn erection results! Want Electoral Colleges to renege vote for Trump in December and solidly stand upright for Hillary”

“Why Jay?”

“To save Democracy George, of course……”

“I think I need a stiff drink Jay.”

“They also want to abolish the Electoral Colleges. Something that has been a part of their electoral process, their democracy since 1776.  Seems Founding Fathers had it all wrong. They didn’t heed Nostradamus’ warning.”


“Nostradamus George. Nostradamus. The French Prophet and toothsayer who lived in the 1500s.”

“He did Jay? Good Gawd. How’d he end up in 1776?”

“It would appear that Nostradamus predicted Trump’s win over Hillary.”

“They state that in Quatrane 10,666 Nostradamus wrote:

 “BUCINUM Hillary verberat.

LAPSUS pergit. Bill est saevire,

Fundamentum rimas,

In furorem sine comitiis.”

“Crikey Jay, speak English!”

“Sorry George. But I did take Latin for 5 years in high school. I was…veritably good at it.”

“Here it is, as translated, it means……………………..”Hillary got Trumped in Spades”

“Seems the Founding Fathers missed that bit of sagery during their “Bridge” break while writing the Constitution.”

And from the “Play Dough” and “Safe Space” crowd George comes this bit of THC:”

 “GOP is the most dangerous organization in History.”

“Wow, worse than the 3rd Reich? Stalin’s Communism?…..The Brady Bunch Jay?”


“Oh, and COP 22 is going on. Or has just finished in Marrakech

“Marrakech, as in Africa’s Marrakech Jay? I thought the Cop’s 22nd Division was in, as in Toronto.

“No, no George. Not the Police Cops but as in Community of Parties COPs – as in Climate Change.”

“Canada sent 225 delegates to the Party.” Wow. Was it BYOB Jay?”

“How’d they get there Jay? By Camel?” Or the Marrakech Express?

“No, Camels can’t swim George. No, they all flew over from Ottawa.”

“In a hot air balloon Jay?”

“Good one George.”

“Heard in passing George that Ryerson students, when interviewed recently, and when asked, felt that Canadian Peacekeepers should be deployed to the nations of Karach and Wakonda to stop the insurrections there and to thwart further production of “Vibranium” (Rebel Media, 22 Nov 16)”

“The future of mankind George. Scary! I wonder if Nostradamus predicted this in his 10,667th unfinished Quatrane: 

“Alumni idiotae”


University Superioria


“Something about higher learning me thinks”


“Y’know George. Green used to be my favourite colour. But now? I hate anything and everything green. I even killed my lawn. It is now brown in colour. And, I hate that word sustainability, transparency and I also hate that linguistic combination of two simple words… a conjunction of a perposition….”as in”!!………….STOP IT!

Shakey Jay….out!

* Pic by Wikimedia

Plethora’s Paucity

When I was very young I wanted to be a proctologist. I thought that being an asshole was a good way to go.  But, as you can imagine, my parents and my friends were somewhat dismayed.  “Where on earth did that dumb ass thought come from?” they said?  

As it turned out I joined the Navy and spent my entire working life devoted to the maritime profession.  And while I loved the Navy life dearly some of my colleagues would say that either way I got the shaft.  Perhaps I did but it did take me awhile to glob on to the military life as I had a plethora of civvie jobs when I was young but with paucity of ambition and get up and go to go along with it.  In that regard the Navy’s routine addressed a restless nature, which seemed to be a perfect fit for me, somewhat like a proctologist’s glove.

How I love those two words: plethora and paucity. To me they sound like adjectives for the evil Roman twins Romulus and Remus.  Or perhaps more like the words flora and fauna.  And I took Latin in high school for 5 years. I was… veritably good at it.  Then again I wanted to be a proctologist too: the Latin word for asshole.  Somewhat like the word organic: also a Latin derivative meaning grown in pig shit.  But I digress.  

When I first heard the words “plethora” and “paucity” I thought, “What on earth. Speak clearly man.” It brought my mind back to my elementary school days, grade eight to be exact, where a classmate of mine by the name of Big Maxx loved to show off his literary skills with those flowery descriptive essays that we had to write from time to time and read to the entire class.  He didn’t realize just how funny he could be ranting off to the class, proud of his literary skills with words of art that reflected anything but those big flowery descriptive texts for his words were always in the wrong context or with the wrong meaning.  He would write: “I had a flora of jobs when I was young but with not a fauna of ambition or get up and go.” Big Maxx wasn’t too smart back then but he did try very, very hard. And those were the days when one could fail a grade. I think Big Max had to repeat Grade 9 a plethora of times. 

The writing of those words, flora and fauna, plethora and paucity, Romulus and Remus got me to thinking and brought me to the following train of thought with respect to words: 

Words!  What is in a word?  My kingdom for a word!  A horse it may be but a horse is only a word that by any other name is still a word. Words declare wars, they garner peace. Words can be hurtful, they can be playful. Words describe words as in spiteful words, hurtful words, insightful words. We can have a war of words, crosswords or them’s fightin words. Words can be theatrical: we can have a play on words. Word is the law.  It is the word. Words are prophetic. Words can be the gospel truth.  So sayeth the word of the Lord. Words inspire, they transpire. Words transcribe: you have my word on that. Failing that, can I have a word with you? But words are not enough. That’s why we have lawyers. Words can also be despotic, or chaotic.  A single word can inspire poetry, lyricism. 

And when a few words are taken together, we have a phrase.  And when a couple of phrases are linked together we have, in a word, a “sentence.” And when a group of sentences are grouped together we have, in another word, a “paragraph.”  And to describe or summarize a paragraph we can go right back to the beginning of this word-train of thought – to “paraphrase!” 

We can combine words to make quotable quotes: some profound, some sublime, some simplistic, some stupidly clear:

“To be or not to be – that is the question.” That may be but on Jeopardy it is the answer!;

“If things are good in moderation then they must be great in excess.”  My favourite;

“If something is worth doing, then it is worth overdoing.”  My other favourite;

“Baseball is 100% physical. The rest is mental.” (adapted from Berra);

“A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.  A woman does what she wants;”

“A consultant is someone who is adept at making the simple… complex;”

“The problem with theory is that it’s just not practical enough!;”

“A wise fool is an oxy moron;”

“Those lefties are so darn righteous!;”

“Militancy is great…for pacifists;”

“She was at a loss for words.” a paradox for sure;

or paradoxically:

“Words cannot describe what she said.” Huh?




Canada’s 21st Century Family Compact

Re: SJ post 18 October. Add to that:


Canadian Senate:                              Progressive Left


Reference: IPolitics 21 Nov 16: “A Liberal Senate In All But Name:” Ms Kheiriddin


Now, I try to be as non partisan as I can but what scares me is that an effective opposition, or a political balance in this country, will cease to exist, especially if the PR proponents win and the Government adopts this electoral system.

Canadians: Wake up…. and be worried, be very, very worried!