A Rat’s Ass

I couldn’t give a rat’s ass:

About the US Election;

About who wins the US Election. Yes Virginia, the sun will rise on November the 9th;

About Carbon Taxes or “The Air that I Breathe” (by the Hollies – 1974);

About the Toronto Maple Leafs. They won their first game this year. They’re already planning the parade!;

About Crap n Trade;

About pro-nouns or the anti-Christ;

About a Trans-am;

About Trans-Canada pipeline;

About Trans fat;

About Trans Gendered. Hey let Ze, He or Hir be him, her, or they, or whomever

About Climate Change;

About Global Warming;

About Global Cooling;

About space weather;

About weather

About Communities of Parties;

About Moonbats of Parties;

About Parties!

Heard last night that one lady wanted to give trick or treat-ers a toothbrush and some dental floss! I dearly hope she didn’t give out her address or where she lives as her house would surely be a prime target for the “egg man.”

About bad teeth;

Local news also ran a fairly lengthy segment about the fire hazards of Halloween costumes. That and the dental floss crowd will surely freak out new parents with young trick or treat-ers.

About do-gooders and Gladys Cravitz;

There is a danger around every pumpkin Virginia;

About white pumpkin lattes;

Jack-O-Lanterns trigger micro-aggressive behaviour;  or was that just the sugar kicking in;

About safe spaces

Let kids be kids. Shut the front door for heaven’s sake;

About risk averse-ers;

Why do the media always focus on the negative?;

About the MSM;

Victorians complained about too little rain this past summer;

About the enviro-mental- lists

Victorians complain about too much rain this October;

About the LNG in the Saanich Inlet

Archimedes works for Big Oil

Eeee Gads!

Don’t worry, be happy – as Bobby McFerrin would sing. Whenever I feel low I think of this song.

It’s All Saints Day. It’s also my wife’s birthday and she is a real saint.