Baseball and Other Things

Hey Jay, what’s a shakin today?

Oh hello George. Not very much I am afraid to say. Can’t seem to find any craziness out there. Even with this erection coming…er election!

Did ya watch the game last night George?

What game Jay?

Cubs, y’know baseball? Historic win and all that? 1908.

Cable Guide said 1900, er 7pm Jay. 8 minutes for the anthem – wow. Who destroyed it?Mariah?

Never mind George, never mind.  All I can say is they, the Cubs, cut a 108 year old drought.

All in the name of Climate Change Jay?

Hey, why not George. They blame haemorrhoids on climate change so why not baseball droughts.  All I can say is that there is hope for the Leafs yet!

Go Sens Go!

Only problem I have with this series is that game went on for 4.5 hours for 10 innings. Sometimes I think the managers out-manage themselves and drag the game on.

I can remember the Detroit Tiger”s World Series win back in 1968. I think Denny McLean won 30 games for the Tigers that season. Mickey Loliches won 3 games during the series, with McClean winning one, game 6 I think. Now think of that? 3 games won by one pitcher. Never see that now because it’s all about the Managers, not the players George, the Managers.

Y’know, the average time for the average game back then was about 2.5 hours. Why? Well they have a rule in baseball that they rarely follow today where a pitcher has 20 seconds to throw the next pitch once the catcher has thrown the ball back to him.  And they didn’t scratch their nuts or scratch their assess as much back then as they do now. And…and the batters stayed within the box… or they were out.

One out, runner on third and what does the Cub’s manager call??? A bloody bunt! Or, yanking Jon Lester after 3 innings because an Indian hit a single off of him. In comes Chapman for the subsequent walk, then a double then a home run. Game is tied. I felt sorry for Chapman. Good thing the Cub’s bats didn’t have Blue Jays written all over them as they were able to rally in the 10th! Good win!

Sounds great Jay. So, anything else new and exciting?

Snow back east.

Already Jay!

Yup, in Ottawa and New Hampshire. Nothing like this seen since the 1960s, snow they say!

And in response to this crazy weather, the Canadian Government wants to get that Carbon Tax going.  Seems that Trudeau is going to reap what Harper snowed! I know, I know…groan.

Good one Jay, good one.

Oh and from the World is Flat crowd:

US Hurricane expert is wrong because he dared to state that severe storms such as hurricanes have been in decline in the US over the past 11 years. It doesn’t fit the narrative so the science is wrong and he’s no expert…so they say. And who are they? Well, they are the same folks who brought us the story about those university students who believe that witchcraft exists and provides mankind with a credible explanation for the natural world, as opposed to Newton, or Archimedes, as to why and how witches throw lightening bolts at each other. They’re pushing to make it an Olympic Sport I hear.

Oh and Archimedes works for Big Oil George. Remember that.

I know Jay, you keep mentioning that Archimedes guy.

I just can’t help it George. Stupidity breeds contempt.

Another timbit George from the Halls of Macademia nuts in that in Canada canoes are symbols of imperialism, colonialism and aggression.  Blame it on those dastardly Brits and their evil empire. You know: Magna Carta, rule of law and all that, what? Why would anyone pay good money to attend university these days is beyond me.

Does that go for canoodling as well Jay?


Shakey Jay…out