Community of Practice (COP) – Part One

This is a story about a group of like-minded men and women who came together and made a difference in a small seaside community in British Columbia.  It is not a story about business although it does have some significant business undertones.  It is not a story about market competition, but does deal with initiative, innovation, enthusiasm and teamwork.  It is not a saga about high finance although some serious coin was involved.  It is not a case study about data, information management, and hierarchical organizational structures although sound business practices, knowledge management principals and project management skills and techniques were essential.   And finally, it is not a story about one individual’s vision but a shared dream that came to fruition in spite of a litany of outside pressures, varying personalities and human conflict.  It is a story about leadership, camaraderie, family, friends and community.  

Sidney British Columbia is a small seaside village situated approximately 20 kilometers north of Victoria at the upper end of the beautiful Saanich Peninsula.   The town has an eclectic mix of retirees and young, working class families and is home to a wide variety of small, but quaint shops and businesses.   The town and neighboring municipality of North Saanich offer its residents a wide variety and mixture of indoor and outdoor leisure activities – from rugged mountain biking, hockey, baseball and swimming to the more sedate pastimes such as walking and bird watching.  The town is home to a number of marinas that provide boaters all of the necessary tackle and equipment to explore the many reaches of the Gulf Islands. “Sidney by the Sea” has earned its descriptive mantle as a gateway to the remarkable treasure trove of natural beauty that the area has been blessed with.

Part 2 tomorrow.