Avarice Rap

The Avarice Rap 

In God we trust

The green back thrust

Go, beggars there

The weak beware


Through investor’s scams

You’ll drown in spam

For the strong survive

You paupers… die


Below the waves

Drown working slave

For we are strong

And you were wrong


You trust us now?

We laugh out loud

At the foolish rules

And our integrity…fools


Our riches rich

From our worthless pitch

We gave you hope

On a slippery slope


Deceit was fun

A delightful run

Dream fraudulent dreams

You of meager means


A sucker’s scorn, HA!

Each second born

A fix for fools

For we know the rules


To bend our ways

Our advisors say

It’s the business maxim

To avoid the taxman


We’re rich and strong

You’re poor and wrong

Invest…. beware

Of our deceitful shares


Go down our path

Use righteous math

For we cook the books

To make it look


Like the fools you are

Around the bar

To talk of cash

For work that’s trash


Without fair value

We laugh at buy – you

Fools are greedy

The avariciousness needy


You see….


We need your cash

To forever flash

Our rolls of bills

Buy many a thrill


Our antique cars

Our hobbies “jar”

So off we go

To the Hampton Roads


Our Rosedale mansions

The links, our passion

My yacht it sucks

Thirty million bucks


She beckons fair

On seas, beware

Of the dangers, lurk

My executives smirk


Of a life so easy

Best practices, sleazy

But am I wrong

To be so strong 


You judge me so

As your avarice grows

For I am strong

And you were wrong


To trust me dearly

You paid so keenly

For society’s greed

Fed the “ticker’s” need


To rise so smartly

To fall so sharply

You sang the song

Kept avarice strong


… and my ethics pleasing

(c) Shakeyjay 2016