Just the Facts Ma’am

Canada’s Minister of the Environment wants to shut down all coal based operations in Canada by 2030.  Cross-training will be a boom industry they say.

Jump to 2030, “Headline News.” Small towns for sale in the Province of BC.  Surge in Ghost Town sales in BC interior. One Provincial MLA was heard to comment….”Well, just think of how many pictures can be taken by hundreds of tourists of that one small building. That one small building will pay for itself a thousand times over. It’s a cash cow that one small building from one of the Ghost Towns. Just think of how much revenue all of the other small buildings in all of the other small Ghost Towns in the Province of British Columbia will bring into our government coffers. That more than offsets the tax revenue lost when the town’s main industry went bankrupt. Whew!

And all those small town mayors across Canada that feel they have a bright economic future, take one step forward……………As you were Tumblir Ridge


Drug overdoses in Vancouver’s safe injection sites?!?! Their solution? More safe injection sites of course. Pop-Ups! Sad state of affairs with these drug overdoses.

Shut down the oil and gas sector, mining, hydro, everything in BC. A Vancouver Barista’s wet dream. However, be careful what you wish for. Back in 1959, the Canadian Government cancelled an AV Roe’s contract for the development and production of the AVRO Arrow.

In what seemed to be an overnight-like decision, AVRO then laid off 14,500 workers on a Friday – Black Friday, in the Toronto Area.  An additional 15,000 indirect jobs of every conceivable profession and occupation, e.g., lawyers, doctors, professional trades, retail and even unskilled workers, were lost across Canada because of this decision.

And how about all of those subsidies that people depend on? Are they sustainable without an economy to support them?

I don’t think so.