So, Horgan finally got his wish…to be Premier of BC, because, after all, the majority of voters in BC did not want the Libs forming gov’t. They wanted the NDP. So here is the math:

40% of voters voted for the NDP – yess……yess….. We are legitimate, Horgan was heard to say. Yesss

17% of voters voted for Green – yesss…..yesss…but we are legitimate too, Weaver was heard to say.  Yesss

But those nasty Liberals with 43% of the votes…are illegitimate??????

Well, if Horgan handles the books in the same manner as he handles electoral math then we are DOOMED.

Most BC’ers are not interested in jobs or a strong economy at the expense of social  programs. Say what? Well here is another bit of math to chew on. BC’s economic equation:

Strong Economy = Investment and Innovation = Good paying jobs / low unemployment = more spending money for families and individuals = higher tax revenue for the government at all levels = excellent social programs.

Take any one of these elements away and you’re DOOMED with respect to social programs.

Kinder = gone = BC, Alberta and Canadians are doomed

LNG = gone = BC is doomed

Site C = gone = BC is doomed. Stand fast all you proponents of electric  cars.

Coal and gas = gone = doomed.

Forestry / raw log exports (First Nations) = gone = doomed

On the bright side there will be a high demand for Baristas in this new economy.

Better stock up on sweaters and blankets for the winter.

Take notice all of you hippies in Vancouver and Victoria. There will be indirect consequences for all of this. Jobs! Investment! Innovation! Economic growth!. But then again, that doesn’t matter to hippies anyway. Welfare Wednesdays can’t come soon enough. Have not status here we come!…yess and that is legitimate.


I Hate Tuesdays

UN condemns Israel yet again for human rights,, war crimes etc. Who at the UN you may ask? Syria, Iran, Kuwait, North Korea, All of the Middle East countries and on an on it goes. A who’s who in the world’s Human Rights violation Rogues Gallery.

Are we still a member of this thing.

Islamophobia is considered now to be a hate crime in Canada.

So say the El Qud celebrants across Canada. What is El Qud? Iran sponsored world wide movement to annihilate Israel and remove her from the face of the earth.


Liberals going to allow oil exploration in the Gulf of St Laurence but impose an oil tanker moratorium off the west coast. I guess the waters off the east coast of Canada are already polluted with Maritime / Federal welfare largess. What can a little bit of oil do anyway. Jobs perhaps. No way Buddy….gone fishing… just after I pick up my pogey cheque.!


Australia Day – January 26. There is a movement down under to do away with this national holiday for the obvious and standard racist, bigoted reasons put forth by the Indigenous folk. The Muslim population tried this a few years back and failed. I don’t need to state the obvious. This will come to Canada no doubt but unlike the Aussies, the Canadian government will fold…. Pansy Poofters!

I have to laugh and cry at the folks who build their homes on Flood Plains or in the middle of a forest, throwing their hands in the air and blaming everybody but themselves when their homes are consumed by fire or wash away in a torrent of water.

“BLM” is taking on “Pride”…should be a great cat fight. Solution? Stay well clear of large cities anywhere in North America.


SJ out… have a nice Tuesday but I hate Tuesdays…so boring. Not at all like hump day. See “Pride” above.


Canada has reached an accord with China in that China will no longer conduct cyber attacks against Canadian technology and intellectual property. Yeah right!

Only in Canada can Canadian officials reach an agreement with another country that is conducting illegal, perhaps criminal activity against its sovereignty. China says they will never do it again…honest mommy.

Take a “silent time out” China. Ooooooh.

Trudeau attends church, wears Ramadan themed socks then throws it all away by attending Toronto’s “Pride” celebration.  Does anyone see the irony and hypocrisy in all of this.  Hmmmm? Hmmmm? Solution? Avoid Toronto like the plague, especially during the summer months.

A Jewish celebrant at Chicago’s Pride was told to leave because her Star of David Flag was deemed offensive. “Well, we want to be all inclusive” an organizer was heard to say.  Geesh! Solution? Stay well clear of big cities, especially in thee summer time.

“Suck on this.” Empowered nipples are the latest tool for the Trump Resistance movement to calm the nerves of those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. They say that it, the nipples, will remind them of the soothing, nurturing power of mommy’s milk. “Does it come in chocolate?” Someone was heard to ask?

Annual Pride festivals aka Speedo Conventions.


SJ – I can’t make this stuff up. Have a nice Monday!

It’s Canadian Eh?

Quebec man arrested at Michigan airport for what law enforcement officials are calling a terrorist act. How did they know this guy was a Canadian from Quebec?

During his attack he yelled:  “Alahu Akbar…eh?”

U of T held its Blacks Only Graduation ceremony recently.

“We want to be inclusive” some organizer was heard to say. Just like “Pride”, and “Black Lives Matter,” and Antifa, and on an on it goes…Geesh

Solution? Stay well clear of Universities and Colleges in major cities like Toronto. These places will self destruct soon as a result of their own narrow-mindedness and delusions of victimization.

Ten years and counting and still no sewage treatment in Victoria. Holy shit someone was heard to say. But, hey, as Canadians we’re so much better than those polluting Americans don’t you know.

“Oh you mean that country that has some of the most stringent environmental regulations on the planet. Those guys?”

Where’s “Floaty” when you need him?


HASBRO has gone gender neutral for all of its toys. “Mommy, can I get a G.I. She-male – zey for Christmas? Hmmm? Hmmm?

What would you rather have? A Shelby or a Prius?….Geesh


Thief apologizes for stealing the Yukon’s famous “Sour Toe” and sends it back. RCMP who received the package and inspected the artifact confirmed with anonymous sources that the Toe Jam and Fungus were still prevalent. Whew, not to worry.


Just read an article about Trudeau the First and his 1969 White Paper that called for the removal of special rights status for Natives. First Nation leaders went berserk. My question is: Shouldn’t we be taking down all references to Pierre Elliot Trudeau on our buildings, airports etc, just like Hector Langevin? No? Oh I forgot, he’s was a sunny days Liberal, Langevin was a Conservative MP.

Have a great weekend.


Hey, It’s Thursday

Obviously, somebody over at CTV read my post yesterday. They commissioned a poll to the tune of:

“Is bad weather more prevalent today than in the past…” or something like that. Results! – overwhelmingly…NO. Who would have thunk.


SJWs now complaining that there are too many white male acts at rock concerts. Well, perhaps the others…suck. Who would you rather see, hear?  The Stones, the Who, or……………??? Hmmm? Hmmmm? Can’t think of anyone right now?


Canadian Indigenous MP demanding that the House of Commons provide translation services in French and English such that he can use his native language in the house. If he wins this argument, and he will, because this is Canada after all, we will truly have a “House of Babel” in Canada rather than a “House of Commons.: I say just let him prat on in his native language as nobody in the house is listening anyway.  Question Period, in reality, is “Nap Time.” Trudeau and his minions have really opened a Pandora’s Box here with respect to “Indian,” no wait, “Native,” no wait, “Aboriginal,” no wait, “First Nations,” no wait, “Indigenous Peoples” yesss! Before we do anything here guys and gals lets see if we can nail the name down of the nation we’re talking about.


Saudi Arabia deports 15,000 camels to Quatar as part of the dispute over there. 15,000 Camels? Are you kidding me.

Heard in passing….”Every Day is Hump Day” in Quatar


Warren Buffet comes to the rescue of Home Capital with much needed “Cheaper” Funding. Did anyone tell Warren about the value of the Canadian Dollar. We already have cheaper funding dude!