Its a Mad, Mad, Mad World

I love black olives but when I went to get my favourite pizza joint the other day they were out of them. Same for the Tapa Bar down the street a ways.

Damn says I. Black Olives Matter, damn it, especially in a Spanish Tapa Bar and on Pizza. The world is going mad me thinks.

All levels of gov’t don’t seen to give a damn about annual deficits and debt, so why should I?

Just in…State of Illinois declares Bankruptcy. In financial crisis mode. Trudeau, Wynne take note… Not to worry….sunny, sunny days – as the “Lighthouse” song goes.

Climate Change: back in the day, oh about 30-40 years ago, no one gave two shits about the weather, except that which occurs locally. If there was a typhoon in the Philippines we never heard about it. Tornadoes in Kansas…nope. Blizzards in Saskatchewan…niet. Heat wave in Europe…nada word. I just remember watching Dave Duval, CTV Toronto chalking the weather patterns on a clear Perspex by etching highs and lows and doing so backwards, but only for our city. Now that was incredible. Or Percy Saltzman at CBC flipping his piece of chalk after a whirlwind segment of scribbling the local weather patterns and their impact on my school commute the next day. Now? Well if it shits in Chicoutime we hear about it. If it pisses in Peoria, we know about it immediately. If its howling in Hanoi, yep, right on time. If its crapping in Cambodia, we smell it right away. If its freezing in Friesland, we shudder at the thought. No wonder everyone is stressed out about the weather, and the climate. Its global and it is being shoved down our collective throats. We’re all going to die!!!!Gawd, I feel a heat wave coming on. Hey Gladys, pass me a beer sweetie.

All of you environ-mentals out there. What would you rather have? A Shelby of a Prius?? Hmmm? Hmmm? Be honest now.