Hey, It’s Thursday

Obviously, somebody over at CTV read my post yesterday. They commissioned a poll to the tune of:

“Is bad weather more prevalent today than in the past…” or something like that. Results! – overwhelmingly…NO. Who would have thunk.


SJWs now complaining that there are too many white male acts at rock concerts. Well, perhaps the others…suck. Who would you rather see, hear?  The Stones, the Who, or……………??? Hmmm? Hmmmm? Can’t think of anyone right now?


Canadian Indigenous MP demanding that the House of Commons provide translation services in French and English such that he can use his native language in the house. If he wins this argument, and he will, because this is Canada after all, we will truly have a “House of Babel” in Canada rather than a “House of Commons.: I say just let him prat on in his native language as nobody in the house is listening anyway.  Question Period, in reality, is “Nap Time.” Trudeau and his minions have really opened a Pandora’s Box here with respect to “Indian,” no wait, “Native,” no wait, “Aboriginal,” no wait, “First Nations,” no wait, “Indigenous Peoples” yesss! Before we do anything here guys and gals lets see if we can nail the name down of the nation we’re talking about.


Saudi Arabia deports 15,000 camels to Quatar as part of the dispute over there. 15,000 Camels? Are you kidding me.

Heard in passing….”Every Day is Hump Day” in Quatar


Warren Buffet comes to the rescue of Home Capital with much needed “Cheaper” Funding. Did anyone tell Warren about the value of the Canadian Dollar. We already have cheaper funding dude!