It’s Canadian Eh?

Quebec man arrested at Michigan airport for what law enforcement officials are calling a terrorist act. How did they know this guy was a Canadian from Quebec?

During his attack he yelled:  “Alahu Akbar…eh?”

U of T held its Blacks Only Graduation ceremony recently.

“We want to be inclusive” some organizer was heard to say. Just like “Pride”, and “Black Lives Matter,” and Antifa, and on an on it goes…Geesh

Solution? Stay well clear of Universities and Colleges in major cities like Toronto. These places will self destruct soon as a result of their own narrow-mindedness and delusions of victimization.

Ten years and counting and still no sewage treatment in Victoria. Holy shit someone was heard to say. But, hey, as Canadians we’re so much better than those polluting Americans don’t you know.

“Oh you mean that country that has some of the most stringent environmental regulations on the planet. Those guys?”

Where’s “Floaty” when you need him?


HASBRO has gone gender neutral for all of its toys. “Mommy, can I get a G.I. She-male – zey for Christmas? Hmmm? Hmmm?

What would you rather have? A Shelby or a Prius?….Geesh


Thief apologizes for stealing the Yukon’s famous “Sour Toe” and sends it back. RCMP who received the package and inspected the artifact confirmed with anonymous sources that the Toe Jam and Fungus were still prevalent. Whew, not to worry.


Just read an article about Trudeau the First and his 1969 White Paper that called for the removal of special rights status for Natives. First Nation leaders went berserk. My question is: Shouldn’t we be taking down all references to Pierre Elliot Trudeau on our buildings, airports etc, just like Hector Langevin? No? Oh I forgot, he’s was a sunny days Liberal, Langevin was a Conservative MP.

Have a great weekend.