I Hate Tuesdays

UN condemns Israel yet again for human rights,, war crimes etc. Who at the UN you may ask? Syria, Iran, Kuwait, North Korea, All of the Middle East countries and on an on it goes. A who’s who in the world’s Human Rights violation Rogues Gallery.

Are we still a member of this thing.

Islamophobia is considered now to be a hate crime in Canada.

So say the El Qud celebrants across Canada. What is El Qud? Iran sponsored world wide movement to annihilate Israel and remove her from the face of the earth.


Liberals going to allow oil exploration in the Gulf of St Laurence but impose an oil tanker moratorium off the west coast. I guess the waters off the east coast of Canada are already polluted with Maritime / Federal welfare largess. What can a little bit of oil do anyway. Jobs perhaps. No way Buddy….gone fishing… just after I pick up my pogey cheque.!


Australia Day – January 26. There is a movement down under to do away with this national holiday for the obvious and standard racist, bigoted reasons put forth by the Indigenous folk. The Muslim population tried this a few years back and failed. I don’t need to state the obvious. This will come to Canada no doubt but unlike the Aussies, the Canadian government will fold…. Pansy Poofters!

I have to laugh and cry at the folks who build their homes on Flood Plains or in the middle of a forest, throwing their hands in the air and blaming everybody but themselves when their homes are consumed by fire or wash away in a torrent of water.

“BLM” is taking on “Pride”…should be a great cat fight. Solution? Stay well clear of large cities anywhere in North America.


SJ out… have a nice Tuesday but I hate Tuesdays…so boring. Not at all like hump day. See “Pride” above.