It’s All Over But the Cleanup

Finally over. Canada Day and the 4th of July. Hope everyone had a great time. Back to normal.

Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa were a fiasco, a bust, a disaster. Typical bureaucratic cluster F$$k. Anything to say Ms Joli? Having worked in Ottawa for many years I know exactly how all of this transpired. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians, oops sorry, Natives, oops sorry, Aboriginals, oops sorry, First Nations, oops sorry, Indigenous Peoples. You get my drift. I mean how could we ever organize an event such as this when we can’t even get the name of the Indigenous People right. Garbage detail had quite the cleanup on the hill. Now if only thet could clean up the other waste up there.

Only in Canada do we compensate a terrorist by giving him $10.5 Million Dollars and an official gov’t apology. My sincere condolences to the Sheer family. We are not all as anal as our flake of a Prime Minister. He doesn’t speak for me or my wife. If I was Ms Sheer I would go after his settlement.

Have a nice day….SJ out.