Cheque’s in the Mail

Khadr got his $10.5Ms buck from the Feds pretty quickly. Asked about his case from reporters Khadr said he couldn’t comment because it was before the courts. Turns out he already cashed the cheque. Gawd, if only the Feds treated the military vets the same way instead of: “Be patient”

If this incident is truly our fault then fire the bastard(s) who made this international faux-pas of a human rights abuse. Then again when did murder and terrorism become a fundamental in the war on human rights?

A while back I came through the Vancouver Airport and was amazed, dismayed at the lack of Canadianna anywhere displayed. It was all First Nation…oops…Indigenous People’s art. Now, it is beautiful and striking but is that all there is to our country? Is Trudeau right when he says that there are no Canadian core values, culture? What about the Bannisters great 4 minute mile run during the Commonwealth Games in 1954. Or the Japanese Canadian contribution to the fishery. BC’s war effort, colonization efforts, Trans-Canada Railroad, Chinese contribution? and on and on it goes. There are many things to be proud of in this Province. Not just First Nations. Of course if one complains there are immediately branded a racist. Sad.

I want my country back.

Is the History Channel about history or about American / Canadian Pickers, Forged in Fire, Pawn Shop. Where is the history in all of that. CNN now #10 in list of broadcasters in the US. That high up? Wow. Where is Christianne Amanpour when you need her? You know that highly over rated female journalist. Like Bawbwa Wawlters!


Short today: have a great weekend…..SJ…Out.

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