Happy Monday

I was reading an article today and the writer was talking about Hegemony. Why can’t they just say Power Projection, Supremacy, Control, Dominion etc. But Hegemony? Same with Homogeneous:  Something off the same kind – Similar, Alike, Uniform. I thought that it was some kind of milk.

Homogeneous? Then again Japan comes to mind. Same with China, Korea and other Asian countries. But Canada has to accept everybody. Same with the US and many European Countries. Why?

Hamburg riots by far left anti capitalist dogs, don’t you know. Why? Somebody told them to “Get an Effin Job.” They went nuts and took to the streets.

Climate change dogma. UN doesn’t give too shits about climate change. It has always been about world domination. Create a global crisis, i.e., climate change run amok, then provide the global solution. One World Government led of course by the United Nations. George Orwell for President, yes. Luckily for me I should be dead within 10 years thereby contributing to the carbon sink that we know as mother earth.

CBC’s Post Apocalyptic Climate Change Doc can be summed up in 6 words: “We are all going to die”…Geesh. I can’t believe people fall for this crapola.

Pope is blaming Western Hegemony and Homogeneous (there I dare use these words) nations for the plight of the migrants coming from Africa. Never mind those corrupt African dictators and the UN international bodies that support them. Or the Climate Fund lining the pockets of 3rd world dictators. No, no no. It is the west’s fault…Geesh. I wish that the Pope would stick to saving souls and stay out of the political arena. Its a lions den out there your Holiness. Oops, sorry bad analogy for Catholics out there…like me… sorry!

Everyone at the G20, well journalists and left wing nuts really, are in a tizzy that Ivanka Trump sat in for her dad at one of the meetings. Anyone who has ever attended similar events like this – me with NATO – knows for certain that these things are non events. The work has already been done so these high level get togethers are nothing more than gabfests with talking heads. If you look at the official photo Merkel looks really uptight but the Chinese guy standing beside but slightly in front of Ivanka, who has her hand behind him, has a huge smile on his face. Hmmm, wonder why?


Happy Monday