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Just read Steyn’s article about Canada Day. Unbelievable bit of fluff, that day. What was once a very proud country is slowing drowning itself with self loathing, cultural genocide. Multiculturalism has not worked and will never work if our leaders continue to encourage newcomers to this land that Canada is a post nationalist state and therefore, you can keep your self identify whatever that may be. Canadian – not. U2 can be whatever you want.

The whole world is watching Canada. Well, no. They aren’t. Canada is way below the radar horizon of any country out there

Cut a comment the other day about Dylan. What a great guy. Best ever songwriter. It got me to thinking. Here is an artist with a God given talent that cannot be denied but who: has total disdain for his fans. Has total disrespect for his audience at his concerts – his back to the audience for an entire concert comes to mind. Snubs his nose to those who recognize his talent and contribution to the literary world, i.e., The Nobel Committee. So how can I ever respect an artist like Dylan who has absolutely no respect for me. Aw but he is a genius so his attitude is entirely acceptable. Well, not to me. Besides why on earth would I ever want to go to a concert where I am more depressed coming out than I was going in. Hmmm? Hmmm?

Debunking white privilege in high school homework!  Say what? I never saw any cause I never did mine!

Austria cancels their plan to beef up border security against illegal immigrants after Rome threatens action. What close down the Brenner Pass? No more pasta. Excommunication? What the…Geesh. Where is Guido when you need him?

Clooney moves to L.A from London for security reasons. The refugee, migrant activist want to see more countries bring in more refugees. Just not in my backyard huh George. L.A. Safe? Are you kidding me. More money than brains.

It is a bad thing when your country cannot celebrate its 15o years without “effin” it up in its cloak of Indigenous, post national state claptrap….Damn.