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Have you ever wondered why so many sick people go to health food stores? Hmmm?

My wife was checking out at a grocery counter the other day when the cashier told her that she had to have her own packing bags as they no longer gave out plastic bags for groceries to save the planet. She said this as she was packing hamburger wrapped in plastic; chicken wrapped in plastic, cleaning stuff wrapped in plastic; confectionaries wrapped in plastic and small toys wrapped in so much plastic that one needed a chain saw to open it…Geesh.

The planet doesn’t need saving. We need to be saved by idiots like this!

The other night I went out and ordered an Organic Pizza. It was green!!!

President of France…Malcron…says that terrorism is cause by Climate Change. I kid you not. No wonder Trump saw fit to remove America from this madness. I only wish that PM Trudope had the gonads, i.e., balls, to save Canada from these idiots and get us out of this accord as well. Oh, wait a minute, PM Trudope is a feminist therefore…no balls.

Majority of Canadians (71%) are outraged that Trudope agreed to a $10.5M payout to Khadr, the guy who killed an American medic in Afghanistan. But then again, the great unwashed, us, don’t really have the intellect to understand the really big “Picture.” that Trudope does.  Just another selfie huh Justinian?

Hey, I am going to start walking now and get into shape because I have just bought a $200 Pedometer…yesss!….Geeesh!

In the US military Transgendered Men must now be given “dignity and respect” while in Women’s showers…no, they don’t want dignity and respect they want to get laid…are you kidding me??

South Australia experiencing major electrical blackouts due to their intent to rely solely on solar and wind for their electricity needs. “Its sad” someone was heard to say “as Australia has a lot of gas”…..I know…I know….Ottawa does too. Same with France…see Malcron above.

My Quote of the Week……They say that “Humour is good for the heart; laughter is good for the soul….Perhaps, but giggling drives me nuts.”

And who are they anyway???


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