Holy Shyte Batman

Climate cultists want people to have less babies, perhaps none. This only applies to the great unwashed – you and me. The elites will continue to have children because, after all, they are elites. They have to propagate, don’t you know.

Tell that to the Muslim population where their stated goal is to take over western civilization, not by the sword, but demographically. For every one baby a westerner has they will have 10!

They are advocating sterilization. I say go for it. The less whackos we have on the planet the better.


Woman lost the chance at a $1M prize during a CFL game Thursday night. All due to a very bad call by the referees.


Union files grievance over University’s plan to use goat, sheep to clear lawns. Seems that they’re upset that Wellingtons were not issued to the local union reps.


Leading psychologist says that having a gender revealing party will scar a child for life. Never mind forcing a “he” or a “zey” to wear a dress  and identify as a women while he is playing with “he’s” GI Josephine.


Seattle bans the cleaning of poop off of its sidewalks. Apparently it is racist. Someone was heard to say “No Shit!” No, lots of it.


Home ownership may not be viable says climate alarmist. Agenda 21 anyone? Yeah, old Lenin, Stalin had it right with those housing mega-plexes. There is a reason Berlin tore those ugly monstrosities down after unification.

Time to get off….Geesh.

I wish I could but I cannot make this stuff up.

SJ……..Out…….Have a great weekend. Read ya Monday