Some More Crappola – Happy Monday

Beyoncé just announced to the world the names given to her twins: “Rumi” and “Sir.” Say what? These people may have talent – questionable to me – but that doesn’t mean they have brains. Poor kids.

Did you know that Malcron’s, (the President of France),  wife is 64.  He is 39! He is said to be high on the “Teat.”

This just in: “Boob jobs could save lives” and Malcron’s marriage.

Trudeau gives $24M to Clinton foundation. That’s a lot of fill Justine.

Trudeau say Canada will never negotiate with terrorists?? Hmmm? Are we that Khadr stupid to you Justine. But Malcron says that Terrorism is caused by Climate Change. Better stay on your wife’s teat Mr Malcron. More credibility there. How on earth did these guys ever get elected.

Drooping boobs caused by Climate Change. See Malcron’s wife. She’ll know.

Climate change responsible for wild fires. No, humans are, and lightning.

Because of climate change, Polar Bears could now eat humans. Just like lions and tigers Billy! No, really.

Maldives will be underwater by the end of this year, according to 1988 UN Climate expert report.                                                                                         Looks fine to me.