More Crazy Stuff

Finally, Canadian Journalist writes Op-Ed about the egregious payout of $10M to Omar Kadr from the Canadian Government. Finally getting some traction in the US.

Only in Canada you say?…..shitty!

I am ashamed to call myself a Canadian with this wingnut called Trudeau Lite as PM. If I could return to Scotland my family would have gone full circle!

Diversity is out strength! This only applied to Muslims. The rest of us are: (fill in Blank)phobes.


Canadian Standards Association has a new standard on how to “jerk off.” Damn, I wish that this was around 45 years ago. It would have saved me a great deal of money purchasing Playboy and Penthouse, or looking at those Eaton’s catalogues.


San Francisco bans chocolate milk as being racist. I guess white milk is next…..geesh!


Indigenous group fails to attend Premier’s meeting unless they are treated as equals: As Bellegarde pointed out, Canada’s Indigenous peoples see themselves as not just another special interest group: “We are Indigenous peoples with the right to self-determination because we have our own lands, we have our own laws, we have our own languages, we have our own identifiable peoples and we have our identifiable forms of government.”(Nat Post)……but not their own money!

Okay, given you want to be autonomous we’re going to cut the $14.5B annual budget assigned to Indigenous Peoples of Canada…. Heard in passing: “Where is that meeting taking place again”  Hmmm?


Libs revoking Canadian citizenship that is obtained under false pretenses….unless you are a terrorist of course, then welcome to Canada.


Have a great Tuesday…….SJ…..out!