My View from Mill Bay.

New Canadian Governor General appointee, Julie Payette, faced assault charges in Maryland in 2011, which were subsequently dropped; divorced her live in “fly boy” boyfriend and did not seek child support, and hit and killed a pedestrian with her car. She was cleared of any wrongdoing in that incident, also in Maryland. Trudeau has stated that due diligence was taken in this appointment and that Ms Payette represents the very best of Canadian values, openness to the world, curiosity, intellectual rigour and inspiration. She will continue to inspire generations of Canadians as she represents us at the very highest level,” Trudeau said at an event in Quebec City. I don’t fault Ms Payette’s personal hardships but I don’t think a man would ever pass Trudeau’s character test.

Just like his $10M payout to convicted terrorist Omar Khadr, who represents Canadian values at the highest level….Geeesh!

Say what? Is this Trudeau’s definition of Canadian values? Ms Payette responded in kind: “I hope that people will respect my private life.”

Sorry Ms Payette. I do feel for you and sympathize but as Governor General you have no private life. Imagine if Harper had made this selection?….Geeesh!


Seems the data from the 10,000 year old chronology of the Vostoc Ice Core temp vs CO2 ice core data doesn’t fit the AGW narrative. Now what? Well, let’s bring in the ‘DATA ADJUSTMENT BUREAU.” Whew, saved by the bell curve. Sort of has an Orwellian taste to it doesn’t it?


American idol is coming back!? I thought it was cancelled. Filling a void so they say. Ryan Seacrest is coming back as host. This was announced to the tune…just give me money, that’s what I want. They say that all good things in life are free…but you can give them to the birds and bees…just give me money…that’s what I want…

America’s Muzak industry is delighted at the news.


A visitor to Toronto’s CN Tower was heard to remark.

“Even from 1800 feet Toronto sucks”

CN Tower: Toronto’s giant phallic symbol. Get screwed. And I saw it go up,up,up foot by foot from a balcony in Etobicoke.