Science Guys

You’re richer than you think.

OJ Simpson got parole and will be richer coming out of prison than he was going in. Who says crime doesn’t pay? Just ask Omar Kadr?


USA Today complains that the movie Dunkirk may trigger some angst with some people as there are no people of colour or women depicted in this fact based event. Say what? Who are these imbeciles. Dunkirk really,really happened USA Today. A real historical event. And one wonders why journalism is in big trouble today. It would be like having all white actors portraying the victims of the Selma riots, or black actors portraying George Washington or, wait a minute, black actors portraying characters in a Broadway play about some white dude named “Hamilton” living around the time of President Jefferson and having a dual with another white dude named Raymond Burr!  Hmmm?


Democracy in action: Bill Nye, The Anti-Science Guy wants all older people to die off so that the fight against climate change can progress unimpeded, meaning more gall darn taxes on the low and middle classes. Last time I checked Bill Nye, the Anti-Science Guy, looked as if he had one foot in the grave as well. I only wish Gore, Suzuki, Nye and all of Holly’s Woody in the Morning would just die or fade away and leave the science to the real Science Guys.


AJAX mine south of Kamloops BC delayed yet again. “We want to ensure due process with respect to environmental assessment.” Someone was heard to say. After years of an environmental assessment the science guys approved the mine’s development. “Well, there is more to science than that which meets the eye” said an anti science guy about this project. “Consider the cultural and spiritual factors involved here. And besides, we don’t want to lose our swimming hole.” The Kamloops’ city councillors also weighed in after the science assessment was made: “Sometimes prosperity for our community just isn’t worth it.” Say what…..Geesh

BC is doomed and how is it that 1.4 million indigenous and Metis people can hold 35M people hostage across this great country? We need leadership here.


NPR says that people should stop procreating to fight climate change….geesh. Tell that to the Muslims, or Indians, or the Chinese. Oops I guess I’m a (insert word here)phobe. Then again I hope that the green whackos follow suit to the letter for the less of them around the better for the sanity of Mother Earth. Oh, and stop eating Hamburgers.

Vegan sucks. Have you ever met a happy vegan? No? Why? because they go on all day long dreaming of those juicy hamburgers. And they are bloated by so much tofu that their asses dictate their behavioral thought processes in that they have shit for brains.


SJ….out. Have a great weekend.