Alien Invasion

Just read an article about a group of teenagers that watched a man drown in Florida. They wouldn’t lift a finger to help him but laughed and taunted him as he went under……….SO SAD.

To me one of the main reasons that things are so f.cked up these days is because of the indifference of the Baby Boom Generation that raised their offspring in their own image. An image that arose out of the summer of love. A free wheelin, drug induced haze and tie-dyed outlook on life. And I am one of them I hesitate to admit. It is going to take a long time to delouse this insidious virus that currently plagues western civilization.


Google pays professors for influence…follow the money….Keep your integrity at bay….more money! ….we want money…that’s what we want…the best things in life are free but you can keep them for the birds and bees…just give me money.


Alberta’s new and exciting United Conservative Country. They said that they will have an oxy-moron for a leader.


Proctor and Gamble plant closing in Brockville impacting over 400 employees and their families. This will have serious ripple effects and huge direct and indirect consequences in the city. No kidding. Are you listening Horgan and Weaver? Probably not because in their warped economic view of the world there has to be short term pain to transition to the new vibrant Green economy. Besides Baristas will soon be making $15 an hour so what’s the problem here folks…move on.

I remember when my father lost his job at Arenda Engines in Toronto in 1959. Arenda manufactured the engines for the Avro Arrow. When that project was cancelled by the government of the day (are you listening Horgan and Weaver?) 15,000 direct jobs were lost, while 14,500 indirect jobs were toast right across the country. That included professionals such as engineers, lawyers, accountant….and on and on she goes. It was called Black Friday in Toronto. It was a bargain basement clear-out but of a different nature. And, there were no Baristas jobs in those days.

Hey Horgan and Weaver! If you want to look at how stupid and irresponsible economic policies impact a country look no further than Venezuela.


Clean eating…as opposed to dirty eating. Clean eating equates to organic, which to me equates to food that was grown in pig shit. Clean and smelly.


When I look around me today I am convinced we have been invaded and taken over by aliens. Where are Klaatu and Gort when you need them?


200 sheep launch themselves over a cliff at the sight of one brown bear in their midst. Almost an allegorical tale about the decline of Europe, wouldn’t you say.


Vatican archbishop says that climate change induced by human activity is a fact. Those in denial are flat earth proponents. Wait a minute here. The Vatican excommunicated Da Vinci for daring to say the earth was round. Stick to saving souls and not the planet your excellency.


UN says only three years left to save the planet. Just another of the (insert number here) of years left to save the planet. We must, must, must dare I say it, pony up to $1.3 Trillion dollars a year to address this planetary crisis.

Are we still a member of this thing? Trudeau…please, please get us out of this disgrace and joke of an organization. Of course every third world dictator on the planet is nodding their head in agreement of this idiocy.


There is so much crap out there today I just can’t cover it all, so I’ll stop this here and now.



SJ……Out……..Happy Monday everybody.