We’re Doomed!

PM Turdope made the “Cover of the Rolling Stone.”  Gladys, cancel my subscription…now. Eee gads, we’re doomed!

Rolling Stone says that Truedope is the west’s last great hope……for dope!


“Jersey Shore” cast. Were are they now?  You know what? Nobody gives a rat’s ass or a flying Fu#k where they are now.


Trump: Transgendered people cannot serve in the US military….Period! Once a month!…Finally, some sensual policy.


Petronis cancels huge $11B LNG Project. Premier Weaver is ecstatic. Greens in a tizzy of joy and excrement… er… excitement.

“B.C.’s future does not lie in chasing yesterday’s fossil fuel economy,” Premier Weaver said in a statement. “It lies in taking advantage of opportunities in the emerging economy in order to create economic prosperity in B.C.”

Yeah, whatever that means. Premier Weaver won’t articulate his new emerging economy. In my opinion this new economy equates to huge unemployment for the Province’s resource sector. Barista joints will be sprouting up everywhere to address the increased time off people will have. Next up. Cancel Site C and the Massey Tunnel Bridge project…NOW! Then Kinder Morgan. Coal? You’re next. Then the limber and fishey industries. Increase ICBC rates exponentially to get people out of their cars and let’s increase carbon taxes ten fold…NOW! say Premier Weaver.

“I didn’t realize how much fun destructive policies can be.” Sort of like renovating your kitchen.”: some Green dipper was heard to say.

How do you spell British Columbia? – V..E..N..E..Z..U..E..L..A

But hey, the majority of BC’ers voted for these Muppets.

We’re doomed!


A deer caught in the headlights. Manitoba man faces impaired driving charge after being caught driving his lawn tractor down a road leading to the Trans Canada highway while under the influence…of what they didn’t say. Cops says he was beginning his ride across Canada to raise awareness about the legalization of grass. Let him go says I. Another candidate for a Darwin Award!


Ex Nazi interpreter stripped of his Canadian citizenship a fourth time. It was stripped off of him and given to Omar Khadr….a convicted terrorist living in Canada on the $10.5 M financial largesse of the Canadian Government….Geesh.


Ontario climate change report shows a grader destroying a man’s farm. The grader operator was heard to say. “But it was an organic farm and everybody knows organic is a Latin derivative word meaning grown in pig shit. The smell was horrible.” He is doomed I am afraid to say, with no leg of lamb to stand on.


Ontario man faces serious jail time for raising a fracas on an Air Canada Flight. “It was the peanuts he exclaimed. They were non organic and they didn’t smell like the pig shit I was accustomed to. I couldn’t take it anymore so I blew off the stewardesses.


Daniel Craig onboard for the next Bond film, maybe more. Great news. For me this establishes some faith in the world at large.

More nonsense to come…I’m afraid.