Robin Hood

This just in: Australian women need Muslim men to fertilize them! Wow, that has to be the weirdest pick-up line going.


Armed police taser man carrying crossbow and knife through the streets of Manchester. When stopped the man asked police if he was on the right road to Nottingham. That’s when they tasered him.


Oxymoronic statement of the week: “Feminist Muslim to open a liberal mosque in the UK!”


President Erdogan say that Turkey will no longer yield to western demands. It will no longer be stepped upon. This after detaining 50,000 of its citizens after last year’s failed coup. Another dangerous dictator. Another failed state in the making here. How do you spell Turkey? O..T..T..O..M..A..N    E..M..P..I..R..E

Turkey: Fantasyland in Asia Minor


Whatever turns your crank file:   A Bronze Age wooden box uncovered in the Swiss mountains in 2012 has proved an exciting find for scientists as it sheds new light on the kind of food eaten by prehistoric settlers.  And it took these guys five years to come up with this statement? I got to get a job in this field! Excitement? Would hate to know what bores them to death!


So Sad:………French Philosopher Anne Dufourmantelle drowns while trying to save drowning children. The world needs more people like her. For sure. Makes that Florida drowning incident, where teenage bystanders watched and laughed as a man drowned before them, even more disturbing.


My Geesh of the Week:

Ex Nazi interpreter stripped of his Canadian citizenship a fourth time. It was stripped off of him and given to Omar Khadr….a convicted terrorist living in Canada on the $10.5 M financial largesse of the Canadian Government….Geesh.



SJ….Out. Have a great weekend.