Scary Thoughts

Just in. Each year the US Military spends about $234M on Viagra, Ciallus and other performance enhancing drugs, or is it weapons of mass seduction? “For Fu*k sakes, what on earth are they doing down there” someone was  heard to ask. “Just fu*kin around came the answer. There’s no life like it. It’s more than just a career!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Young boy throwing fishing net somewhere on a beach in Saipan. (A favourite picture of mine).


Somewhere off Saipan!

“State of Emergency, State of Emergency, State of Emergency” BC WILDFIRE SITUATION! State of Emergency. This is the prelude to all of the news segments over Vancouver Radio stations. If we don’t have enough to worry about now what with Climate Change and the dearth of healthy sperm in western society. If the fires don’t kill ya, then climate change will and if that doesn’t work then all you males out there will not be able to procreate. Scary stuff – now that last bit is a real state of emergency.

Seriously, the media must think we are all toe tards. First real hot day of summer: WEAR SUNSCREEN, WEAR A HAT, DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS, COVER UP BARE SKIN, STAY IN DOORS. Then the very first really cold day in the winter: DRESS WARMLY, DRESS IN LAYERS. WHAT ARE LAYERS? GO TO OUR WEB SITE TO FIND OUT. EXPOSED SKIN CAN FREEZE AFTER 2 MINUTES (really?). ITS SCARY OUT THERE. KEEP KIDS INDOORS ALL THE TIME………..Geesh.


Passchendaele – Just east of Ypres. Canada’s Other Vimy Ridge. Began in May. Lasted through to October 1917. If there ever was a hell on earth, this was it. Canada’s second Vimy Ridge.


Menin Gate Ypres. Nightly last post ceremony. Very, very emotional

Passchendaele 1917:

Painting Canadian Gunners in the Mud, Passchendaele 1917, by Lieutenant Alfred Bastien, Canadian War Museum Collection

Passchendaele 2015. Main road to the church and village, which was obliterated during the battle.


So called woman journalist slams the movie Dunkirk. Just another male bondage…er…bonding film – white privilege – male privilege and on and on she goes with her privilege. Not enough colour folks or women leads etc etc. I’ll leave it at that for the words speak for themselves. I am just glad that we didn’t have leaders like we have today coupled with a significant lack of intelligence, back during the First and Second World Wars. We would all be speaking German or Japanese now without any privilege whatsoever.


Presidential press secretary Sean Spicer out, Scaramucci in. Say, what? Scaramucci? Is that “Skeletor’s” brother? If TRUMP isn’t scary enough they go out and find a guy with a last name like that. Why not just go with Weiner? At least he is a known entity. Someone you can get your hands around. Media is going to have a field day with this guy. With his shades on he kinda looks like a mad Kevin Bacon.


Woman blames TRUMP selfies for her divorce. Finally, something not caused by Climate Change.


Heard by a Millennial in passing. “Hey do have any climate change. I have to pay for parking and they don’t take Bitcoin.”



SJ…….Out……Happy Monday. Remember Passchendaele