Straight Shooter

Passchendaele: May – Nov 1917

Battle in blood and mud.

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Man gets arrested in Pakistan for being Canadian. I thought that Canada was where all Pakistani’s went to die.

Big holes in Russia spell disaster for the human race. Climate Change, Global Warming, Forest Fires in BC, western civilization’s depletion of good sperm counts, Scaramucci’s firing – take your pick as the end of the world is nigh.

Skeletor’s bro Scaramucci is out. It appears that “He Man” had second thoughts. Scaramucci?….You’re FIRED!

Peter Mansbridge of the CBC’s “The National” retired. Who will take his place? CBC…no one outside of the CBC gives two flying Fu*ks who will take his place.

Canadian Standards Association emits more carbon per day than most people emit in a lifetime. Yeah, but that’s okay as we buy carbon offsets so we are carbon neutral. This just in. Al Gore set to be the first environ-mental billionaire.

RCMP arrests some guy who is facing 113 charges related to credit card scam. 113 charges! Of course being Canada none of these charges will stick. One RCMP Officer named George Smith, who agreed to talk  to reporters anonymously, revealed a plea deal in that if he pleads guilty for failing to pay those parking tickets, we’ll drop the other 112 charges. Only in Canada you say…..shitty.

Big holes in Russia…continued. Plastic bottles are now considered a threat to the survival of mankind. Of course it is primarily those responsible goody two shoes environ-mentals who proliferate the use of plastic bottles for their water consumption needs. What to do? Oh wait a minute, those giant holes in Russian permafrost could provide the ultimate solution. Just throw the stuff down those holes – problem solved.

Just in from the Moonbat state. The lessening of criminal charges to reduce prison populations and become more of a compassionate place to live has failed. Violent crimes in LA is on the increase. California mass immigration is on the rise. Seems that the criminal element across the US is flocking to California, where if you do the crime you don’t have to do the time…Geesh!

I woke up today to a beautiful morning. I said to the wife: “Oh what a beautiful morning.” Ooops, can’t say that anymore as I will be deemed to be a weatherphobian, of climatephobian maniac. Oh the horror.

Why do we have to celebrate homosexuality with all these racist Pride celebrations. Can two men or two women procreate? Why do men have a certain appendage and women don’t? Am I missing something here? Be homosexual all you want just don’t shove the fact down my throat.

Whatever happened to heterosexual pride? Oh, I know. I’m homophobic for being straight……Geesh

The world has gone mad!

Just my thoughts today.