Leap! How High?

Passchendaele or Third Battle of Ypres

May – Nov 1917.

Names of dead and missing are etched on the marble at Vimy Ridge, Canada’s memorial to the 61,000 Canadians killed or missing during the First World War

Three Ontario women end up in St John New Brunswick rather than St John’s Newfoundland. Honest mistake they said. But hey I am told that the new sex education in Ontario introduced by the gay premier is very progressive and reflects”the lay of the land” sort of, these three women were heard to say. Depending on how things go for them in St John NB, I couldn’t agree more.

The NDP’s Leap Manifesto or in more modern terms: V..E..N..E..Z..U..E..L..A

UN categorically states that their main aim in life is not the battle against climate change but to dismantle western civilization and capitalism. They want a World Governance model with the UN running the show. Using Venezuela as an example the UN will then tell us where to live, where to eat, what to eat, who to marry, how to fornicate, when to fornicate, what to wear, where to work, how to get around, when to shit, when to piss, when to die, how to die. When to fart, when to belch, what to say, how to say it and what to think…Well “Group Think” of course. People?….WAKE UP!

Although some would suggest that this is Utopia…NDP Leap Manifesto proponents comes to mind.

Feminist lambastes the movie Dunkirk. She objects to its maleness and of males celebrating maleness. Why can’t you just sit back and enjoy the film without always having to see between the lines? I know some feminists and they are very unhappy, angry people. Sad

Why can’t we just ignore these very stupid people and refuse to give them their platform of angst, intolerance and hate?

L.A. gets 2028 Summer Games. Whew, dodged a bullet there Canada. Stay out of it. Then again I’ll be dead by then so anything after 2028? Go for it.

Indian suicide rate increases due to rising temps and poor crop outflows. Climate Change to blame. Only problem is crop production has increased ten fold in India. They are making money and killing themselves to get in on the action. UN counters: “hide that stat. It doesn’t fit the narrative.”

This just in from CNN: Fareed Zakaria, CNN GPS host states categorically that: “Trump Won Because His Voters are Stupid, Racist, Misogynist, Gay-Hating Bigots…..” I think I’ll let his own words speak for himself.