Raging Hormones!

Passchendaele: Hell on Earth

May – Nov 1917

But for them I have the freedom to write this blog. Lest we forget that we could easily lose our freedoms. We owe them a great deal.


Seems that A and W and other fast food joints have been misleading us by saying their products are hormone free and therefore far superior than their competition.

Of course they are. According to the FDA no product can come on the market for consumption having hormones. They have to be expunged by the animal’s natural expungement processes, i.e., shit and piss, prior to being slaughtered and processed for sale.

But I already knew that. No, they don’t have hormones as they say in their commercials but they still taste like shit….or sawdust, or cereal or (insert additive here). Oh the horror and the methane of it all.


Quote of the week: A lesson in obviousness: “Venezuela is the leftist model for a basket case.


Israeli Pizza shop owner fights off angry Palestinian customer with tray!

“I told ya no anchovies, damn it” and “no black olives” the Palestinian was heard to say.

“But Black Olives Matter” said the owner. Especially in a pizza joint!


Millennials do not support leftist ideology, according to a recent poll. Finally, the Boomer Generation’s summer of love turns sour. All of the world’s ills today can point to one seminal occurrence. Woodstock 1969!


New Zealand goes Full Monty in dealing with rabbits. Their Easter Egg hunts are for real but not for the eggs…for the rabbits. Mass execution of these furry cuddly rodents. Yes rats, if the rabbits are allowed to proliferate. Can you imagine this happening here in Victoria? Oh the horror of it all. Victoria, BC where rabbits come to die. Where dogs have more rights than humans. Of course New Zealand has sheep for brains. The cross breeding has been a huge success…..can I borrow your Wellies one farmer was heard to say to another.


NYC dog owners not getting their pets vaccinated for fear of their dogs getting autism. How on earth would one know? From a dog? Are you kidding me? Are you crazy??

I think these dog owners should be eradicated from the face of the earth. They definitely have shit for brains. See hormones and rabbit cull above.


We can solve Climate Change if everyone just eats beans rather than meat. Has anyone ever heard of Beano? Every imagined solution has unintended consequences. This just in: Flatulence noise levels soar in the Moonbat State….Geesh


Canadian NDP leadership hopefuls hate Israel and have stated (Not Angus) that they would implement measures to advocate the Palestinian cause and punish Israel. What is going on with Canada?

This just in:  Palestinian leader admitted to Israeli hospital for life saving surgery! There you have it.