Passchendaele: Blood and Mud

May – Nov 1917A Field of Mud225,000 Casualties

China issuing green bonds to pay for new coal fired power plants! They were going to use black bonds but that was considered racist. You can’t have Black Bondsmen doing this sort of thing. Harkens back to slavery or to the notion that only blacks do the time for the crime. See Moonbat State. So they are using Green Bondsmen instead…..Geesh!


Argos lose to Calgary. BMO place attendance a disgrace to the CFL. Time to disband the Argos Toronto, although I hate to say it. Tobin Rote would be rolling in his grave. Ever since Chris Jones won a Grey Cup as defensive coordinator with Toronto in 2012 he has been on a downhill slide due to his own high sense of importance. Wins with Edmonton then bails to Sask for more money and total control; fires key and very popular players and goes on a two year losing streak. As “He Man” would say; Jones….your fired.


Moobattery: seems that California, the Moonbat State is happy that the middle class is leaving the state by the thousands. “We are very happy about that” said a Moonbat. “This will make room for more immigrants.” Oh, you mean those people, the majority of which do not contribute to the economy…just take, take and take. “Well yes, we’ll just tax the snot out of the high tech sector and Holly’s Woody in the morning folk.” No problem…Geesh!


From the what would you rather have: a Prius or a Shelby? Comes this. Government’s war on cars. Mandate cars that drive themselves so that gov’t can take control of how you use them, where you go etc. There will be cut outs, governors implemented such that you will not be able to drive your car in certain instances, or fornicate in the back seat.

Think I’m kidding? It is already occurring in golf carts. The other day while golfing and using a cart, the cart suddenly stopped when I attempted to cross fescue to look for my ball. It wouldn’t move until I reversed and got back on to the fairway. Progress? For a progressive, Orwellian utopian society dude perhaps but not for me. I want my Cobra back!

And taking public transport is like inviting 50 n’er do wells into your living room.


As a white dude I am now classified as a minority in my own country, especially my home town of Toronto. I am now going to put myself down as a visible minority from now on. That is the real white privilege in this country? You bet.

Like taking coals to Newcastle, Marx and Engels statues coming to a Manchester near you England? Irony in its truest from. Jokes on English democratic institutions.

Be careful what you wish for lefties. I can hear………V..e..n..e..z..u..e..l..a.. calling.

Why are lefties so darned righteous anyway? The other day on Facebook I made a political comment of my own making based on an opinion piece I read. I was attacked for it. Some guy wanted to know my source. So I told him and was immediately chastised for daring to quote from a conservative, and therefore, extremely right wing rag. In his eyes I became (insert whatever here) phobian. Did I criticize him? No. Did I make fun of his literary prowess or the news sources that he favoured or read? No. No comeback or debate of the issue I raised whatsoever. Just an attack on me like a rabid dog….Intolerance is the mark of a real lefty…..I’m ex military so I tend to stay away from the left, right rhetoric, except while marching of course….I like to make light of things…from all sides of the political spectrum……..Geesh.


SJ….Out……Have a great weekend