Hey Buddy Can You Spare a Dime

Passchendaele: Blood and Mud

May – Nov 19179 Canadians won the Victoria Cross during this Battle


Update. The Swiss Neanderthal man found on a Swiss glacier with cereal in his satchel… took scientists 5 years to come up with the notion that the man was eating Cheerio’s. It took me 5 minutes to come up with the theory that the Cheerio’s probably killed him!


Moonbat State’s Governor Jerry Brown unveils the state’s new energy program. He promised lots of “Brown Outs.” Hey that’s a racist comment some SJW was heard to say.


Chicago Tribune reports that an Ice Breaker transited the Northwest passage in record time. Of course climate change is to blame for this as in years past the ice would have ice blocked this feat. Hate to spoil the party here but Amundsen was blocked by ice in the Passage for 2 years in 1901 and 1902 in his Goa. In 1903 he made it through unscathed by any ice. The passage was found to be ice free that year and that my friends was in 1903. This is why I hold no credence whatsoever to Journalism these days. Misleading and deceitful. They do not check the facts.

Same with Katrina, often cited as the worst natural disaster in US history to progress the climate change “we’re all going to die” narrative. Sorry, the 1900 Galveston Hurricane was the worst natural disaster in US history. Check it out.

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Another bit of Journalism fluff. Each year here on Bancouver Island we experience a mini drought in that we receive very little rain, if any, from about mid June until September. This is caused by the establishment of a high pressure ridge that forms off the west coast of Washington State. This ridge deflects all of the Pacific storms to the north of us. The environ – mentals here always cry out….See, see, we are at ground zero in Climate Change! No we’re not. This is a common occurrence that even Sir James Douglas, the founder of the City of Victoria, lamented about in 1846. Check it out. By September the ridge generally collapses and the winter rains commence. Then it is…See, see we are at ground zero for Climate Change because of all the rain we get. No Virginia, it is called weather. The climate in this area remains Mediterranean in nature…warm dry summers and mild wet winters. Has been this way for 10,000 years, since the end of the last ice age.


From the world is going crazy file:

  • You can now buy a smart salt shaker called a Smalt – for 199 bucks. Why?
  • Construction of 25,000 chimneys 3 miles in height to fight climate change, make it rain and change desert into arable land?? Remember that Burt Lancaster movie…The Rainmaker? No? Watch it.
  • If the chimneys don’t work we will construct thousands and thousands of ugly 300 metre high wind turbines. Oh wait a minute.
  • Seagulls and other birds covered in oil………………….VERY BAD. Thousands of birds sliced and diced by wind turbines…………………………………………..?
  • 25% of meat tested in Canada found traces of mystery meat not labelled. Oh you mean SPAM?


“Second Cup” sales rise since 2015 after losing ground to “First Cup”


Even the homeless beggars on the streets of Victoria have adapted to the times. Heard in passing…”Hey buddy, can you spare any Climate Change…Huh”

Beware of False Prophets


SJ……out. Happy Monday.

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