Udderly Bizzaro

Passchendaele: Mud and Blood

May – Nov 1917

Canadian Memorial


Leonardo Di Crapio just bought a beachfront lot and cottage at Malibu. “How’s that sea level rising catastrophe working for you Leonardo?” This from the same guy who thought an Alberta chinook was climate change ground zero. Millennials? How can you believe the shyte from this shyster.

Why is it that Climate shysters and false prophets can say anything at all, truth be damned, and the press eats it all up as fact? People? Just take a look out your window.

Refugees from the United States continue to flow into Canada via Quebec and Manitoba unabated. Politicians say let them in. I say keep them out. In a country where you can get a ticket and huge fine for fishing without a licence but can come into the country illegally without recriminations is in my view…no country. Does sovereignty mean nothing to Turdope? I want my country back. Leftie activism is destroying our society and way of life. Is there no rule of law anymore in Canada?

PETA compares dairy farming to rape. No way say the farmers. The dairy farmers categorically tell us that they can’t find boots big enough to accord them. Next up: PETA wants to take sheep farmers “wellies” away from them as well. PETA says:”Help end violence, reproductive control, and rape of females of animal species who desperately need us to speak up for them.” No lets get rid of PETA. They have no clue and yet the media continues to give them a platform. Question for PETA. One of your more famous spokespersons has boobs that are udderly huge. Is this person a good role model to progress your stupidity about “cows” producing milk?

Migrant pitches rocks into an Italian restaurant. Complains that the bread sticks were stale and the pasta overcooked.

Reports from US intelligence states that North Korea had produced a miniature sized nuclear warhead for its miniature sized missiles. Don’t worry Trump. It turns out that this miniature warhead was produced so that Kim Sung Poo can have a leg up on his opponent when he plays “Battleship” during his weekly bath time. Why are so many men called “Kim” in North Korea? Are they all transgendered over there? Have you noticed the size of the hats that the military Officers wear?

Japanese have invented ice cream that doesn’t melt. Problem is is that it doesn’t melt in your mouth either, or in your stomach. After eating some people complained that they felt like they had a brick sitting in their stomachs or stuck in their throats. Passing was a challenge as well. No thanks. I like licking my fingers. Melting ice cream equates to summer.

People across southern Europe – Spain, Italy, Balkans, Greece etc  complaining that tourism is wrecking their lives and standard of living. It has to stop. Okay, I am willing to go somewhere else. Be careful what you wish for and by the way, I hear that there are about 6 million illegal refugees and migrants ready to take their place.

A Trump senior aid believes Google, and Facebook should be treated like any other utility, such as a sewage treatment facility!

Hey, governments at all levels don’t give two hooters about debt – so why should I?

Home building is booming in Canada. Trouble is is that no Canadian can afford them. They’re being built to accommodate offshore investors. Sad

I saw a headline from a national newspaper that still claims Russia got Trump elected. No, the US electorate did. Stop spreading fake news.

This just in from the Climate Change file: Dodgy greenhouse gases from Italy detected by Swiss monitoring stations? In response Italy cracks down on the production of mozzarella sticks and meatball producing factories. Beano is next to go one Italian spokesperson was heard to remark.

Gores latest climate change disaster sequel performs poorly at the box office. Blames poor performance on Climate Change. Just another fad someone was heard to say. Ho Hum! Pass the popcorn. Prediction alert: Gore’s sequel wins 2017 Oscar for best documentary; accompanying song wins Oscar for best song and Gore wins second Nobel peace prize.

I can’t make this stuff up people.