Bone Heads!


May – Nov 1917

The Mud and the Blood

Image result for passchendaeleCan you imagine fighting in this environment


Google: Diversity of opinion is our strength and the cornerstone of our success.  They then go out and fire a senior computer engineer for daring to criticize the organization. I just transferred to Bing. Google really is Big Brother and the Holding Company!


WW3 Battle of the Nuclear Hairstyles. In this corner Kim Flung Poo – Leader of the Bone Heads and in the other corner Donald J TRUMP – the Apprentice Politician.

Donald Trump Hair

Image result for kim jong un


No clear winner here!


Saw a great Tee today with the caption:

Your (insert whatever here) sucks and your (insert whatever here) is ugly.


From the world of obviousness comes this: according to a poll the majority of Europeans would not fight for their country. Worst continent of countries in the world that would cut and run. France leading the charge with the most white flag factories per capita than anywhere in the world. And you know what? They have two world wars to prove it. Just bitch, whine and criticize those countries who come and bail you out. I include the UK in this mix. But, not the next time. When the Muslims overtake you guys do not come running or crying to us here in North America to help you out. We will not answer the call.

Where oh where is Charles the “Hammer” Martel when you need him.


From the waiting for the crash file comes this; Tesla testing its new semi-truck self driving technology in Nevada desert. Yeah. Lots of traffic road rage there buddy.

Another obviousness comment: Marijuana use may be bad for hypertension problems and impact brain and cognitive functionality. Only problem with this study is that the researchers couldn’t get their target audience to respond to their tests or questions when asked. A side bar: Incidences of Dorito purchases skyrocketed.

Never heard of this oxymoronic tidbit of news. CBC has a Comedy App. Has had it up and running for three years now. This must be a joke!

I can’t believe this: Albertan triple murdered gets 75 years without any chance for parole. No way. Not in Canada. Wait for the appeal. This will be reduced down to a more acceptable 3-5 years, less with time served. Out in 6 months. Guaranteed. He didn’t mean to do it…honest! Trudope believes him, sympathizes with him and will support his appeal with a $10.5M grant

With respect to all the insanity surrounding the N Korean / US vocal spat, why is all the rhetorical focus and criticism on Trump? Kim Flung Poo gets a free ride. How can anyone trust guys who wear hats like this.

Image result for N Korean Officers military hats I think we will be okay.

Those are MAGA Hats man.

Image result for Coneheads 1993

Cone heads? Meet the Bone heads!

Go Trump Go. Make America Great Again.

Another bit from the obviousness file: The National Post’s Andrew Coyne hates Donald Trump.

Weather causes PTSD, which in turn is caused by Climate Change. Just stay indoors or in your bubble.

Climate Change is behind the failure of Gore’s new documentary. Movie theatres refused to take any climate change for admission. Bitcoins only.