Kim Flung Poo.

Passchendaele: Mud and Blood

May – Nov 1917

Image result for passchendaeleUnbelievable courage

In my opinion the Canadian Corp won the First World War – check out the “The Hundred Days.”


In Quebec it will soon be illegal for anyone receiving public services, including transit, to have their faces covered…. Anonymous excluded. Trick or Treatise!

White nationalism is alive and well in Canada….the alt right. Just like the alt left in BLM, Antifa and (insert left activist group name here). “Yeah perhaps but unlike those alt right guys we want to bring down the government. Its our atheist given right to do so. Intolerance rules this roost dude.”

Image result for pictures of antifa riots  “Hey its just a weeny roast!”

Perhaps but that image kind of reminds me of this:

Image result for pictures of nazi book burning“Got any more marshmallows?”

American Idol is coming back. Why? Katy Perry being considered as a potential judge. Why? Has broadcast television stooped this low? Why?Money, money, money, that’s why.

Rick Flair is seriously ill. Damn! Pray for Rick.

This just in from the Island of Dr Moreau: Genetically developed Salmon approved for human consumption in Canada, but not in the US. “Too bad,” says one Canadian who wouldn’t reveal his new set of gills! It is no different than the real thing, as his mouth began to open and shut involuntarily. “You should try it.”

Applebee’s and other similar middle of the dining road restaurants are having trouble attracting Millennials. They have decided to change their décor to simulate basement dwellers and to have  “no talking or conversation” safe zones established in all of their facilities. They also intend to hand out the ever popular colouring books and crayons, hoping for a resurge in attendance.

I knew it. From Pakistan – that beacon of human rights – in an ultimatum to the UN: “GIVE US CASH OR WE’LL CONTINUE TO BURN COAL!” The other UN third world dictators, including the Maldives, all nodded vigorously in agreement.

Hey, what happened to this guy? Remember him from just a week ago? Kim Flung Poo?

Image result for pictures of Kim jun unSo, to de-escalate the Nuclear Hairstyle Crisis between him and this guy

it has been reported that Kim Flung Poo instigated the Charlottesville riots to destabilize the Trump Presidency and deflect the political crap away from Poo. “Shit happens” he was heard to say. Ah, sorry Kimberley,but the Donald is doing a great job of doing just that all by himself. He doesn’t need your help, Mr Dictator.

From the slippery slope file: How Iceland has virtually eliminated Down’s Syndrome. Through abortion that’s how……………..sad. Oh and if Grannie is starting to bug you, well……………………??

When is our government going to stand up to these Alt Right and Alt Left thugs and radical fundamentalism?  I want my country back.

Time to check out I guess. Perhaps I’ll move to Iceland!