Solar Panel Eclipsed

Image result for solar eclipse 2017Fantastico, then there’s this:

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dhojddixkaer-g.jpg Which leads to mass hysteria.

Craziness of the day:

Mother in Texas demands that the local museum, which was holding an eclipse learning event at the library, reschedule the eclipse for a more opportune time for her children. I do hope that this woman viewed the eclipse without protective glasses………Geesh

Journalist (sic) states that the solar eclipse is racist and white privilege because the path of the eclipse crosses predominantly white states in America……Geesh….Geesh.

The solar eclipse is / was caused by climate change. “But the sun has no bearing on the climate. Everybody knows that.” one person was heard to say. Saying this, while the temperature dropped significantly when the sun was obscured by the moon.

The solar eclipse is Trump’s fault. It would never have occurred if Obama was back in office. “This event eclipses everything. Trump has to go and go NOW!”

Seems that EU cucumber harvest severely impacted by the solar eclipse. All cucumbers suddenly turned crooked and reverted back to their natural growing state. “250 EU regulations be damned,” a farmer was heard to say.

Solar panel company’s bottom line severely impacted by the eclipse. Vows to ensure that it never happens again. Gaia followers nod in agreement.

Environ – mentals state that the UN and western countries must spend trillions of dollars NOW to prevent an eclipse from ever happening again. If we can change the weather and the climate on this planet then surely this would be a “walk in the dark.”