Hey John A!

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It seems the Ontario Teacher’s Union wants to ban John A Macdonald’s name off of all public schools. Of course he is one of our founding fathers here in Canada – but they probably didn’t know that.

Why? Because of his racist views. Views held by about almost every dude and dude-ess that lived in those days. If you’re going to erase his name then Cartier has to go too. Erased from all schools in Quebec. Laurier as well. See how that plays out….Geesh.

The schools will now be known as Zir Ze; Hey, Hey; Whoo Payz; and Zits.


Please dear God: can we have just one day in this country without some stupid story about Trump.


Mel B walks off of America’s got talent. Sorry, but who the F%$K is Mel B?


Politicisation of just about everything:

  • ESPN pulls football announcer because his name is Robert Lee, an Asian;
  • Calgary’s cattle Methane Corporation’s new CEO’s name: “Whoo Flung Pooo” is considered a cultural misappropriation. Changes name to Holee Cau;
  • CFL team managers and support crews wear “Diversity is Strength” during football telecast, then go on to lose by a very big margin. One just can’t get away from it…ever;
  • Kapernick will not stand during the playing of the national anthem. Many others in sports as well. NAACP in support of Kapernick. Making it a racist issue…fire them all and then see how much they’ll stand without their huge paychecks;
  • NHL banning draft in Dallas due to city’s transgendered bathroom issues. City will not cave in to idiots. Grow a set Garry, just like the city of Dallas;
  • Historical Statues coming down; and
  • On and On she goes.

I think I may want to get out of Dodge here Billy – sometime soon.


Short today….have to go.