Well that Eclipses Everything!

Seems that Cheerios is being blind sided in the misappropriation ballyhoo. Majority of those proper English Gents are no longer able to say “Cheerio” in social situations.  It is better to say “F%$K Off. More direct and to the point,” a Social Justice was heard to say.

Picture attributed to Wikipedia (John Cleese: Silly Walks Ministry)

From the Darwin Runner Up Award category: it would appear that some people in the Moonbat state of California are all in a tizzy with their Moonbat Governor because they almost blinded themselves while watching the latest solar eclipse. Seems somebody in the sunshine state told them that if they applied “Sunscreen” on their eyeballs they could look directly at the Corona. What they failed to tell them was that they were referring to the other set of balls for males at a nudist camp!

CarbondaleThese guys were okay. Not the Moonbat State.

On another note many solar panel officiates extremely upset that their solar panels failed during the eclipse. “If they can’t handle a simple stupid solar eclipse then what good are they? ” Someone was heard to say…….Geesh

Seems convicted Canadian Omar Kadr’s sister is coming to town. Wants to see Omar and find out from him how she can get on that government sponsored gravy train. “Just threaten to sue their asses off” someone was heard to say. It’s a win-win situation for you. After all you are a Muslim woman who is constantly being violated for your human rights…..right?….left…right?”

Damn: “Why are those lefties so darn righteous?…..Huh?”

Seems that our (Canada’s) Chief of Defence Staff attended Ottawa’s Gay Pride parade. Said he wanted to stay on top of things. As an ex Navy vet I am ashamed today. He also stated that he wanted to be there as the Canadian Forces unveiled their new under cover uniforms, as shown here.

Hey Charles, your hem line if getting a bit high, don’t ya think. Look to your mommy for guidance here.

Slide 1 of 30: Poderá ficar surpreendido com algumas destas restrições. Clique na galeria e surpreenda-se com algumas das mais peculiares regras às quais a família real mais famosa do mundo tem de se submeter!Seems that baby names like John, George, Ringo and Paul are no longer popular. Moonbat, Cirque, Hoelay and Weed are making a comeback for both boys and girls.

Heard that Yoko is suing for equal rights to the song “Imagine.” They told her that the screeching segment in the song had been edited out, years ago. No matter, just give me money, that’s all I want. It’s really an all-true-is-it? issue said Peter with his lisp. She wants the piano as well.

Oxy Moron of the week: Berkeley Mayor is so into free speech that he has requested the college to ban free speech week!  Say what.

Alt left and other progressives are destroying our way of life. Put out that joint and “Wake up People.” It is an existential threat to us all.


I can’t make this stuff up…………….SJ Out.

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  1. The new military under garments that are displayed above seem a bit delicate for close quarter armed conflict. Perhaps a codpiece of Henry VIII’s era would provide better parry and thrust protection.

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