I Was Blown Away

Only 94 days until Maldives disappear, according to the UN. 01 January 2018…Gone…Nada…Dive!

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Hypocrisy of the media:

Athlete’s who take a knee or kneel down during the anthem should be in church, not on the field, or ice or whatever,praying hard that they will not lose their jobs. Meanwhile Tim Tebow takes a knee, called “tebowing,” in his celebration of a higher power prior to a game and he gets crucified by the press!

“I feel so oppressed” one athlete of colour was heard to say.  I was expecting $50 million this season but they only gave me $40 million. “Racist, it’s bloody racist I tell you,” as he was munching away on his Doritos, that dastardly symbol of white oppression.

Penguins hailed during visit to  the White House after winning the Stanley Cup in 2009 and 2016. Penguins vilified for daring to visit the White House after 2017 win.

Obama……………………………………………….a saint

Hillary……………………………………………….an angel

Trump……………………………………………… the devil incarnate.

You watch. Obama will be made a saint just a few years after his death.


Oh and then there is this:

Image result for pics of snowThe “World Language Body” a UN body located in Medellin Columbia wants to change the word “snow” to something else. “Snow is just sooooo White Privilege. I mean look at it. So, we are going to change it to “blow.” “That’s more in line with the world’s shared values” another WLB official snorted.  “Besides saying – it is really blowing outside – kills two descriptive statements into one. We think that is so neet (sic).”

Speaking of Blow:

“China Deals Major Blow to North Korea…”

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“We’ll be giving them at least 1 million kilos a year” a Chinese official was heard to say. “That’s major blow in my books. Oh, you were thinking of UN sanctions were you? Rats a good one” he responded. RoR!

Bird in the hand so to speak!

Image result for pics of trudeau and trump“Forgive me Donald, but I don’t know where that hand’s been.

Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion a ‘surreal’ experience for Canadian who stayed six months. “Yeah, I was on my back the whole time I was there” she said. “Wow! Sir is that for real.” when she had a peaky boo!

Every week something new from the left…to protest or get their undies all in a knot. First there was Pride, then BLM, then SJWs, then Black Olives Matter, then Green organic pizza, then Donald’s Trump, then Antifa, then statues, then pigeons defecating on their statues, then everything white, then kneeling down outside of church, then Athlete oppressions due to their high salaries. What is next? That you can no longer say “Trump” during Bridge and Euchre games? Can’t say spades either? And saying “Spades are Trump” will definitely get the clubs on you?

Oh yeah. This latest nugget from the lefty’s world of hate and intolerance: people who are right handed should be shunned and berated for their white privilege and their racist behaviour.

Hillary Clinton visits Toronto and delivers a speech at the Enercare Centre while on book tour for "What Happened."

Now you know we’re in trouble as a country. Toronto goes into rapture mode during Hillary Clinton visit. Unbelievable. Her husband receives similar treatment whenever he visits. You know Trump has the “Art of the Deal” to fall back on while the other has the “Art of the Dough” to contend with. What would you rather deal with?

Oh, so that’s why all these guys are on their knees. They pine for the good ole daze.

And what does Trudeau have? The “Art of the Screw” as he moves to screw Canadians more and more each and every day. Then again, we Canadians being so smug are smug in the knowledge that we are the most screwed nation on earth…. and loving it…………………..Geesh!


This just in from the Canadian Press: “OJ to get steak and an iPhone after release….wow. And this is news?…..Why?

Love this one. Just shows what happens when one has shit for brains. Cartoon is from Theo and Maggie’s Farm. Great blog there by the way.

Fourth Gravitational Pull detected:

Astronomers say they have detected another set of gravitational waves — ripples in the fabric of space and time traveling throughout the Universe. It’s the fourth time this phenomenon has been measured by the scientists at LEGO, er sorry LIGO,or the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory. The same group made history by detecting the first wave signals early last year. While such detections seem to be routine now, this latest discovery is unique since it was also picked up by a separate non-LIGO observatory.

“I was blown away,” one Astronomer was heard to say.


That’s all for this week. Read ya Monday. Have a great weekend.









Poker Face

Only 95 days until Maldives disappear, according to the UN. 01 January 2018.

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Headline: Kardashian pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby. How did that happen? Well if Bruce Jenner can become a woman then I guess anything is possible. Transferring babies? Wow. The Trans community is all in a tizzy.

Top chefs reveal their trade secrets. That’s easy one was heard to say. I use “Take-Out! Or I brown bag it. That way nobody can see my trade secrets!”


Image result for Pics of take-outImage result for Pics of take-out


Hefner dies at 91. It was a great ride huh Hugh. Great memories of growing up with that icon hidden under my bed!

In Canada recently a family got asylum. The husband was rejected. “He just wasn’t crazy enough” a government official announced. I mean “Maybe next time.”

In response to Trudope’s taxation legislation that is going to screw the middle class: “I didn’t vote in the rast erection” a Japanese Canadian was heard to say.

So the NFL, CFL and now NHL are going to continue with their bended knee protests of the National Anthems. Great I can just TFL: This Fan Left and change the channel. See how that works for ya all. What is going on here these days? Is anyone happy anymore? What happened to our role models?

Image result for pics of athlete protestWhose going home tonight folks?

Other things of note: Colbert is just not funny. Oliver is just not funny. Maher is just not witty, or funny. American comedy is on the skids. SNL? 40 years of crap. Can that canned laughter machine and hear just how stupid their monologues are. Thinking the other day about this and then thought about Jack Benny. Now this guy was funny:

The master of the visual understatement.

Rewarding rigor: as in rewarding high academic achievement in schools. Sorry guys but that type of rigor is now known as “Rigor Mortis” in our institutions of higher learning.


They say that France and other old European countries have about 40 years remaining before becoming Muslim in their majority demographic. It’s also happening here. I thank my God that I’ll be dead and gone well before then. How do you spell relief Virginia: S…H…A…R…I…A! I can only hope and pray that a new Charles “the hammer” Martel is in the wings somewhere!

Heard in passing at an open air poker game: “Well that’s great infidel. I’ll see your 1.5 children and raise you 10!” How’s that! I call….


US Navy returning to basics after disastrous month of collisions at sea. Wow, they are going back to using compasses and pencils and forcing young officers of the watch to learn and implement the international agreement for Rules of the Road at sea. “Yeah, but where are the bike lanes? I don’t see any out here!” One raw recruit was heard to say. He was immediately reassigned to the Army……….Geesh.






Me? A Fashion Faux Pas

Only 96 days until the Maldives are under water according to a 1988 UN report on Global Warming. Maldives today:

Image result for pics of the maldivesBut Canada knows better because we are Climate Change smug!


Have ya heard?

Venezuela is about to declare war on the US. Great but I have one question for them. How ya going to feed your troops?

Seems like North Korea is about to declare war on the US as well. See above remark.

Image result for pics of north korea army crazy hatsThose hats would scare anyone but they don’t put food on the table. Hey these guys are pretty old as well. Did they take a page out of the Canadian Military. Even the cat is dumbfounded. Gotta love those medals as well. Nah, Trump has nothing to worry about.

This from the Moonbat State: Coffee to be banned cause there is a minute trace cancer agent that exists as a natural byproduct of the brewing process. Man these guys are really going after smokers aren’t they?

Fashion faux pas men make:

Slide 1 of 11: <p>Style mistakes are something a man generally wants to avoid.</p><p> And style mistakes that the opposite sex has voted as the most egregious? Well, you'd better listen up.</p><p> Female commenters on Reddit's <a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/AskWomen/comments/201rhx/whats_the_worst_fashion_mistake_a_man_could_make/"> r/AskWomen subreddit</a> were asked to vote on what they consider to be the worst style blunders they see on men.</p><p> We've rounded up the 10 most upvoted sins and coupled them with advice on how to best avoid them.</p>I don’t see the problem here folks. Socks are clean, sandals look brand new. This is “fashion faux pas” after all. Or perhaps this is a statement about white privilege! Whatever, but if I want to look ridiculous then gal darn it anyway, I will. Nice thing about being an old fart: you don’t give a damn anymore what people think.

Yeah, but this is cool…not:

Image result for pics of mens short suit jackets

And with a hairstyle to boot.


Kind of reminds me of this:

Image result for pics of nazi youthAnd this:

Image result for pics of nazi book burningOr is this an ANTIFA training camp?……………..Geesh.

Are sea levels rising? Nope. But one stupid dude tried to tell me that sea levels in the western Pacific are rising dramatically more than the sea levels in the eastern Pacific. Think about that statement. Another told me that Archimedes worked for Big Oil!………..Geesh!

Global Warming models now appear to have been flawed: erring on the hot side….Geesh. They’re now trying to say that they used the wrong glue:

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I don’t know about you but all I do now is look out my windows every morning when I rise. Is it a sweater / jacket day or not?

Surprise of the day: now that the NDP have formed government, NDP insiders fill important government jobs! Noooooo, say it ain’t so Rocky!


That’s all for today.




Just Thinkin Man

Have to go out so no post today. This is a repeat from November 2016. Back tomorrow.


“Hey Jay, Howzit goin eh?”                  Hey, where are the Pigeons?   

“Hey George. Long time no read.”

“Bin here Jay. What’s going on these days?”

“Pretty quiet in Cyber-land George. Craziness has toned          down somewhat. Weird and Whacky as well.

The Progs are at it though. Pretty bad case of THC going on.”

“THC Jay? Is it 420 day already? Oh yeah. Right! Here’s to all the stoners out there.”

“No, no, no George. Not THC as in “Weed” but as in Trump Hysteria Condition”

“Right.  How so?”

” The Dems and Progressives want to overturn erection results! Want Electoral Colleges to renege vote for Trump in December and solidly stand upright for Hillary”

“Why Jay?”

“To save Democracy George, of course……”

“I think I need a stiff drink Jay.”

“They also want to abolish the Electoral Colleges. Something that has been a part of their electoral process, their democracy since 1776.  Seems Founding Fathers had it all wrong. They didn’t heed Nostradamus’ warning.”


“Nostradamus George. Nostradamus. The French Prophet and toothsayer who lived in the 1500s.”

“He did Jay? Good Gawd. How’d he end up in 1776?”

“It would appear that Nostradamus predicted Trump’s win over Hillary.”

“They state that in Quatrane 10,666 Nostradamus wrote:

“BUCINUM Hillary verberat.

LAPSUS pergit. Bill est saevire,

Fundamentum rimas,

In furorem sine comitiis.”

“Crikey Jay, speak English!”

“Sorry George. But I did take Latin for 5 years in high school. I was…veritably good at it.”

“Here it is, as translated, it means……………………..”Hillary got Trumped in Spades”

“Seems the Founding Fathers missed that bit of sagery during their “Bridge” break while writing the Constitution.”

And from the “Play Dough” and “Safe Space” crowd George comes this bit of THC:”

“GOP is the most dangerous organization in History.”

“Wow, worse than the 3rd Reich? Stalin’s Communism?…..The Brady Bunch Jay?”


“Oh, and COP 22 is going on. Or has just finished in Marrakech

“Marrakech, as in Africa’s Marrakech Jay? I thought the Cop’s 22nd Division was in, as in Toronto.

“No, no George. Not the Police Cops but as in Community of Parties COPs – as in Climate Change.”

“Canada sent 225 delegates to the Party.” Wow. Was it BYOB Jay?”

“How’d they get there Jay? By Camel?” Or the Marrakech Express?

“No, Camels can’t swim George. No, they all flew over from Ottawa.”

“In a hot air balloon Jay?”

“Good one George.”

“Heard in passing George that Ryerson students, when interviewed recently, and when asked, felt that Canadian Peacekeepers should be deployed to the nations of Karach and Wakonda to stop the insurrections there and to thwart further production of “Vibranium” (Rebel Media, 22 Nov 16)”

“The future of mankind George. Scary! I wonder if Nostradamus predicted this in his 10,667th unfinished Quatrane:

“Alumni idiotae”


University Superioria


“Something about higher learning me thinks”


“Y’know George. Green used to be my favourite colour. But now? I hate anything and everything green. I even killed my lawn. It is now brown in colour. And, I hate that word sustainability, transparency and I also hate that linguistic combination of two simple words… a conjunction of a perposition….”as in”!!………….STOP IT!

Shakey Jay….out!

* Pic by Wikimedia

End Of The World As We Know It!

Image result for pics of next extinction

I heard the progressives cry when they saw this. According to them, at the centre for science at Moonbat University, this mass distinction never occurred and that they, T-Rex and company, are only asleep somewhere. They will be returning you know. I got news for you Virginia:

This just in: Next great mass extinction to occur in 100 years, around 2100, because of the amount of carbon being pumped into the atmosphere, according to a mathematical study of the five previous events in the last 540 million years. Oh you mean this study:

The 3,700-year-old Babylonian tablet Plimpton 322 at the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Columbia University in New York.1 + 1 = 3!

Sorry, the artifact that just keeps on giving.

Some professor at a highly regarded institution of higher lemmings theorized that disturbances in the natural cycle of carbon through the atmosphere, oceans, plant and animal life played a role in mass die-offs of animals and plants.

And how does he know this for sure? He studied 31 times when there had been such changes and found four out of the five previous mass extinctions took place when the disruption crossed a “threshold of catastrophic change.” This sounds ominous.

“He’s quite old y’know,” a colleague was heard to say.

And here I thought it was an asteroid. Silly me.

Image result for the professor on gilligans island

Based on his analysis of these mass extinctions, the Professor, as pictured above in his lab with an unknown cohort, developed a mathematical formula to help predict how much extra carbon could be added to before triggering a sixth one. Their models, as shown below, are highly sophisticated and complex for the average sod like you and me to understand. And, they are based upon the UN’s IPCC climate science models.


Image result for pics of funny model buildings

They bear this out. The UN’s IPCC is ecstatic over this as it falls nicely into their narrative that if we do not do something now about climate change the earth will end by 2100. A double whammy.  Accountability for such outrageous claims? Well, of course we’ll all be dead by then won’t we!

On another heart warming note:  A self-described “specialist in research and investigations at the United Nations’ “Department of Specialists in Research and Investigations” has earned a fair amount of publicity online recently for predicting that catastrophic events will soon befall Earth. Among his claims: On Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017, a constellation — a sign prophesied in the Book of Revelation — will reveal itself in the skies over Jerusalem, signaling the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. Yikes, that’s tomorrow!  This researcher believes that by the end of October, the world may enter what’s called a seven-year tribulation period, a fairly widespread evangelical belief that for seven years, catastrophic events will befall Earth.

He calls this his “Moses Theory.” They tried to interview him but they couldn’t nail him down:

Image result for pics of department of silly walks

The UN pulled out its Mayan Calendar to do a fact check but were dismayed and forgot that that calendar ended 12 December 2012. get it: 12-12-12. Of course the United Nations says that we have to donate $60T dollars to third world countries if we want to stop this from happening now. I told them to go to 6-6-6!

From the who gives a flying F^%K file comes this: Rhianna reveals her real family name: Rhianna Fenty.

And here I though it was Rhianna Banana.



That’s all I wrote. Have a great weekend.