“So Trew, I Says”

I see one of Trudeau’s Liberal MP’s had to resign from the Liberal Caucus. Wants to clear his name and reputation while not spoiling or embarrassing the Liberal / Trudeau Brand. Sorry Mr Kang but Justin is doing that just fine without any help from you:

Key members of Trudeau’s Liberal Cockus

Trudeau’s Speechwriter. “I don’t need no teleprompter.” Trudeau was heard to say!

Image result for embarrasing pics of trudeau


Trudeau’s Economic Policy. Trudeau remarked: “It’s just too complicated for ordinary Canadians to understand. It all boils down to four words: F%$K the Middle Class.

Image result for embarrassinf pics of trudeau


Finally, on Foreign Policy:

Image result for embarrasing pics of trudeau “Just like me!”

“Policy is all foreign to me Fare!”


Other important stuff:

Nafta and Canada. “Naf said,” McKenna, Canada’s Climate Barbie announces in her down homer accent.  “Ta!, Bye, Bye.”

Heard in passing:

Dear Lord, please give us back Jim Morrison and we’ll give you Justin Bieber”   Check out:

Justin Bieber’s latest song just went to # 1 on the Billboard Charts. Eee gads. This is just God’s revenge on all of us for the Summer of Love back in 1967!”

Millennial Quote of the Week:

“English is important but Engineering is more importanter”

…..so trew, I says!”