Rocket Man!

Loved Trumps’ UN Speech. Finally, a leader calling it for what it is and using plain unadulterated English to repudiate North Korea and Iran and other tin-pot dictatorships in that agust body of Liberal thought. Of course the alt lefts’ in the NYT and WaPo and members of the Holly Woody’s in the Morning elite are having a shit-fit today. Some were heard to say that like her:

Image result for pics of alt left having a bad dayAn important UN representative for some unknown third world stink-pot regime stormed out of the meeting in protest when he heard Trump to say: “You’re Next!”

Yeah, that will do it.

I particularly loved Trump’s description of Kimberley as the “Rocket Man”

Kim’s response? Let’s partaaaaay! Fireworks are on us!


New Math in Liberal Ontario’s education curriculum.

Alt Right + Alt Right + Alt Right does not equal Alt Left.  This moment of clarity from Antifa, BLM, SJWs and Pride after covering the latest archaeological find that was recently discovered concerning the truth about the “New Math.”

The 3,700-year-old Babylonian tablet Plimpton 322 at the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Columbia University in New York.Yup, this again:   1 + 1 = 3

We have been duped! Scarred for life


Couple gets married at Tim Hortons.

Order up! Two triple-triples and a wedding: Couple gets married at Tim HortonsYeah, she looks happy. It’s the couch for you tonight buddy. She’ll have to be happy with Tim’s bits.


Read in passing:

“A dog u gave away ur sister on ur birthday last year same same same chilly my plaid U want no part of me Stop doing interviews kid,” she captioned the photo…this example of the Queens’ English used by many on the progressive alt left was applauded by Millennial’s everywhere. “I think we’ll adopt this and make it part of our new English curriculum in Ontario” Wynne’s Edumacation Minister was heard to say. She added: Well you know we have already dropped Shakespeare for Marvel Comics. This new initiative will strike a nice balance to that and to our new math programme (see above).

I still think Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and Benedict Cumberbirch, Sherlock Holmes, are related:

Image result for pics of bill nye the science guy                   Don’t you? Image result for pics of benedict cumberbirch

I mean, just look at the hair style!

From Australia journalist Mark (with a “K” Quebec) Latham: Political Correctness is overrunning our country. That’s okay Mr Latham because it is over-ruining ours here in Canada.

Hey Europe. We all know you hate Trump and everything American because well, you know, you have to blame somebody for your basket case economic policies. Of course it is Trump’s fault that Spain and Italy have somewhere near 50% youth unemployment, and Greece’s 1.5 hour work week is hurting their GDP bottom line. Amazing that Trump could do all of this in just 8 months in Office.

Obviousness of the week. “France and the EU hate Trump!” Just like Europe hated the US in 1914 and again in 1939. Next time you guys are in for it, don’t call on us for help. With 400 plus million people handle it yourselves or get out those white flags that are currently in reserve somewhere in France.


Out of here. Getting my septic tank cleaned out tomorrow so I have to dig it out to expose the lids. Oh well, shit happens when one is retired.