Tweetle Dee,Tweetle Dumb.

Look at these two guys. Our Provincial leaders sharing a good joke among themselves. The guy on the right is John Horgan, BC’s new Premier whose Govt is being held up literally and figuratively by the guy on the left, Mr Andrew Weaver, a powerful man who has just 3 seats out of a total 87 in the “Ledge.” But hey this is BC after all. Wonder what the joke is all about. Let’s listen:

“That’s a good one John” Andrew spilled out between guffaws.

“Yeah, yeah and y’know what Andrew this Carbon Tax is political “Manna from Heaven.” BC voters are so darn naïve. They think….guffaw…they think…hold on Andrew…this is so darn funny… that this tax is going to be Carbon Neutral. Bah hahahahhahahahahahaah. Oh my gut hurts so much.

“Yeah,” Andrew added. “And they also think that we are going to put this cash cow into infrastructure…public transit no less…bah hahahahahahahah tee hee hee…”

“You kill me Andrew. Yeah, we’ll just keep shafting the public here and give this new found wealth to the teachers so that they can teach the new math, and to…

“Don’t forget the new economy…John…” Andrew interrupted “that I have been pushing for. I mean Timmy’s is sooo 20th Century.”

“Yeah,” John added. There will be a “Barista” on ever street corner. Wow. And just think of all the Touristas coming in to British Columbia to take pictures of all those buildings in all of those “Ghost Towns” across the province.

“Yeah,” Andrew spouts. “It’s a force multiplier for sure John.”

“Hey it’s so much fun screwing things up financially isn’t it.” John said.  “This is the best part of my job Andrew, besides keeping Carol in line, of course.”

“It sure is,” Andrew said. Bah hahahahahah. “This is killing me John. Now let’s go over our plans again to continue siphoning off the ICBM sorry er John, Freudian Slip, I meant ICBC and Hydro surpluses into our General Revenue fund. We have to come up with a new strategy to convince people that ICBC and Hydro are in serious financial trouble….this is so hilarious John.

“That is so funny Andrew. BTW, you have such nice teeth.

“Well thanks John. Nice tie. Let’s go have a Barista and a joint.”

“Gotta love this new economy of Touristas and Baristas. I’m sooo excited.”


This just in from Stevie Wonders. This has to be the quote of the week:  –  “Anyone who denies climate change has to be blind…” huh…huh wonderful Stevie, wonderful.

And another of his cohorts was heard to say” well, like, you know, like, its Trump y’know and like his failed policies, like you know. Those right-wing baddies like y’know what I mean.” But hey misinformed Musak celebrity, Houston voted Democrat in the last US election! “Tee hee, hee, did you say, like erection sweetie, hee. hee, hee, like that’s a good one.”………….Geesh.

Keopectate takes a page out of an Eagles song for their next marketing campaign: “While I’m running down the road trying to loosen my load…take it eeee-zay, take it eeey-zay.”

Speaking of shyte, I just had my septic tank drained and cleaned out. Whew, no problems, working like a sieve the man said. Nice choice of words I said to him.


Just in from the Moonbat State. Gotta love California, the gift that keeps on giving to bloggers like me:

An Earthquake in California, 3.4, barely a rumble but: “still wanna say climate change isn’t real?” Tweetle Dumb tweeted in the tweetisphere.

“Well, like, you know maybe, like we’ll see” another articulate celebrity spouted out. “Why is Mother Nature hitting California?” Tweetle Dumber  was heard to say. “I mean, like, we believe in Climate Change and Global Warming, like you know! So why is she, Gaia, like being so mean to us with all of this crap like?”

Well little miss sunshine. Mother nature hates stupidity and she weeds out those candidates that qualify for the final round of the Darwin Awards. When it comes to stupidity, California is the gold standard. Hate to spoil the partaay guys but CC falls within the realm of meteorology, climatology while earthquakes and volcanos fall within the Geology / Volcanology realm of things….so it ain’t weather or climate……..Geesh.


Lefties are now stating that cotton, anything cotton is racist. Okay, what about this icon of men’s fashion in rayon and other synthetics:

I’ll stick to cotton, thank you very much. But then again if the alt left adopts this style at least we’ll be able to point them out immediately. Especially if they adopt this hairstyle and wear those hats:

File image of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

That’s it for today.