Me? A Fashion Faux Pas

Only 96 days until the Maldives are under water according to a 1988 UN report on Global Warming. Maldives today:

Image result for pics of the maldivesBut Canada knows better because we are Climate Change smug!


Have ya heard?

Venezuela is about to declare war on the US. Great but I have one question for them. How ya going to feed your troops?

Seems like North Korea is about to declare war on the US as well. See above remark.

Image result for pics of north korea army crazy hatsThose hats would scare anyone but they don’t put food on the table. Hey these guys are pretty old as well. Did they take a page out of the Canadian Military. Even the cat is dumbfounded. Gotta love those medals as well. Nah, Trump has nothing to worry about.

This from the Moonbat State: Coffee to be banned cause there is a minute trace cancer agent that exists as a natural byproduct of the brewing process. Man these guys are really going after smokers aren’t they?

Fashion faux pas men make:

Slide 1 of 11: <p>Style mistakes are something a man generally wants to avoid.</p><p> And style mistakes that the opposite sex has voted as the most egregious? Well, you'd better listen up.</p><p> Female commenters on Reddit's <a href=""> r/AskWomen subreddit</a> were asked to vote on what they consider to be the worst style blunders they see on men.</p><p> We've rounded up the 10 most upvoted sins and coupled them with advice on how to best avoid them.</p>I don’t see the problem here folks. Socks are clean, sandals look brand new. This is “fashion faux pas” after all. Or perhaps this is a statement about white privilege! Whatever, but if I want to look ridiculous then gal darn it anyway, I will. Nice thing about being an old fart: you don’t give a damn anymore what people think.

Yeah, but this is cool…not:

Image result for pics of mens short suit jackets

And with a hairstyle to boot.


Kind of reminds me of this:

Image result for pics of nazi youthAnd this:

Image result for pics of nazi book burningOr is this an ANTIFA training camp?……………..Geesh.

Are sea levels rising? Nope. But one stupid dude tried to tell me that sea levels in the western Pacific are rising dramatically more than the sea levels in the eastern Pacific. Think about that statement. Another told me that Archimedes worked for Big Oil!………..Geesh!

Global Warming models now appear to have been flawed: erring on the hot side….Geesh. They’re now trying to say that they used the wrong glue:

Image result for pics of funny model buildings


I don’t know about you but all I do now is look out my windows every morning when I rise. Is it a sweater / jacket day or not?

Surprise of the day: now that the NDP have formed government, NDP insiders fill important government jobs! Noooooo, say it ain’t so Rocky!


That’s all for today.