In the world of sports: Five Bold Predictions for the NHL this year:

  1. Leafs will lose;
  2. Leafs will lose;
  3. Leafs will lose;
  4. Leafs will lose;
  5. Leafs will lose;

I mean they can’t even spell for cripe’s sake!

Image result for pics of maple leafs

I’ll add my own 6th prediction in that: The Leafs will lose! Bigly

See, even these guys agree…………………………Leafs suck.

Image result for pics of kim jung un and his militaryNorth Korea’s 2017 Landley Lup Lampions. Team photo.

War of the nuclear hair styles. Should be fun to wash:

Image result for pics of trumps hair   Who will be drawn out Image result for Kim Jung Un hair


And on top of everything else: “Huge Solar Storm is Coming”…$20 Trillion in damages. How do they know that?

Provincial Premiers give Tru-dope an earful concerning the legalization of Marijuana. BC Premier stated that, “Y’know, we’ve been doing this for years now. We kinda know what to do here. We have all of the dispensers in place now.”  And where has that gotten you BC:

Image result for pics of vancouver's downtown east side

Slippery slope I would say.

“It’s really important to me and I think it’s important to Canadians that they see our leadership regularly sitting down to talk with each other about issues where we are working together, about issues that are challenges,” Tru-dope said. ……There’s that transparency word again folks.

Trudeau also expressed support for BC Premier Notley as she deals with the fallout from a weekend attack in Edmonton, promising to work with her to ensure “we stay true to the values of openness while keeping our communities safe.”

Values of Openness? What about protecting our citizens. Oh we’re open to more of the same are we? Open to more Tolerance, Peace and Goodwill are we?…Geesh

People…………wake up! Throw these guys out.

Oxymoron of the week:

Methodist Lesbian preacher calls Jesus a bigot!


Warmist’s are making a big stink now to address Cow Flatulence. Can’t make this up folks. Meat eaters are destroying the planet. Therefore ban cows now and kill them off.

Here’s one for all of those organic protagonists out there: Grass fed beef is bad for the planet. See BC grass comment above. “See, see organic really is the Latin word meaning grown in pig shit.

Do these guys know that 18.3% of their body’s are composed of ….dum de dum dum…..CARBON! Show some example here folks and eradicate yourselves off of the planet before you start killing off these cows. Show some leadership! And hold your breaths for a minute out of every 5 minutes to cut back on your own CO2.

Only in Canada would you have a national Holocaust memorial and fail to mention anywhere in that memorial anything at all about the Jews and their suffering. Only in Canada you say?……………….shitty!


Pray for the families of the Vegas victims.