Flush Twice

Well, Turd-dope must be happy today. Same with McKenna, Butts, Weaver and Horgan. Trans-Canada pipeline and Energy East is bailing. Getting out of Canada. Too bloody riskaaay here for business. So, here we are a country rich in natural resources that could be energy independent but no, no,  noo, Canadians being so smug we are going to save the planet at the expense of our own economic well-being and continue to import unethical dirty oil from the middle east.

Energy East faced intense opposition in Quebec, where the province’s premier said the line posed a significant risk to its freshwater resources.

Mayor of a major Quebec City was heard to say at a photo-op recently near a city outfall on the St Laurence River not too long ago: “Energy East posed just too high of an environmental risk to our fresh water resources here. Oh, s’cuse me, s’cuse me for one moment guys” he interrupted the reporters. “Okay guys open up those flood gates and turn on the pumps. High volume. Get that shit out of here NOW,” as 2 gazillion litres of raw sewage was pumped into the river. Now get those pumps going full tilt as it’s a long way to the east coast.”

He then told all of the residents of the city to flush twice!

Canadians are really bad with math. We have embraced the new math as well. You know the new math recently discovered by archeologists. It is so up there with the math that Canadians value:

The 3,700-year-old Babylonian tablet Plimpton 322 at the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Columbia University in New York.

You know the one:                        1 + 1 = 3

Its called Self Destructive Math.

Investment / Innovation / Entrepreneurs = strong economy = good paying jobs = good revenue stream = good tax base = great social programs = great quality of life.

Yeah, but with the new economy we’ll have barista and joints on every street corner in Canada. Instead of smelling the roses I can’t wait to smell the grass man.

This equation is so simple yet something our politicians and so-called leaders can never seem to grasp. Their math is the new math which is out of whack with just about everything else. But then again, we being Canadians, we are smarter than everybody else. Reminds me of a Kink’s song:

Speaking of the middle eastern culture, this just in: seen on a beach somewhere on the French Riviera. This year’s Miss Muslim Worlds…three contestants of this years burqa wearing segment. Representing which countries? Well we just do not know.

It was very difficult one judge was heard to say. There was no clear winner here! I think the new rules starting with the 2020 Miss Muslim Worlds will see some colour coordination during the contest. Whew!


Another WHY, WHY, WHY OH WHY moment. They’re bringing back Rosanne. I guess we just have not had enough with the gay, now transgendered lifestyle being rammed down our throats and other places in our body mystique. Will and Grace returns, now Rosanne and her totally dysfunctional family. Only this time we are going to have a grandchild character who is “Gender Fluid.” Gender fluid? What does that mean someone asked someone from Holly’s Woody in the Morning” crowd. “Well like, you see like it’s like this man like, or is it a woman like, or perhaps a boy or maybe a girl like or like zey, zirt or like zits buddy-ess likeness…wow”

Say what?

“Oh I get it, Gender Fluid is like as in Trans-mission fluid like, to keep that engine going like..hot.”

“Hey that’s cool. Transmission Fluid. I like that, like maybe for next falls lineup.? Cool. perhaps a new action drama like in:

“Trans Mission Impossible”

Somali refugee charged with Edmonton terror attack was a refugee but he was a Canadian refugee, so that’s better an official was heard to say. “Well how do you know that?” a reported deemed to ask. “Well, hahhahaha, he yelled, hahahahahah….. Alahu Akbar eh? as he was mowing down pedestrians. So funny eh?”

Trudeau’s response to this attack: “we have to embrace diversity, openness. Yes, we have all kinds of terrorists here in Canada. Not just Somalis. No, no, no, but we embrace diversity so we’ll allow these guys and gals to come in here from anywhere in the world because, like all things, Canada is the world’s first post national state……………….of chaos.

Gawd, where’s Maxwell Smart when you need him!

Leafs win their first game of the 80 plus game season. Quick, somebody, organize the parade now!

Trudeau also booed on Parliament Hill by Indigenous women on the Murdered and Missing Women Inquiry, which has been going on now for over 2 years and is in serious trouble. 7 officials resigned already for reasons unknown.

“We want more transparent….money. Rack up our per diem…now!” they chanted to wild cheering.”






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