Muh,muh, muh, my Sharia!

Seems the Canadian New Democrat Party has a new leader. A Sikh. Diversity is our strength, they say. I say beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. With his turban attached he promises to stand tall for all Canadians. Yes, to drive us all back into the stone age. He has stated that he is against the extraction of oil and gas of any kind, even the kind that comes out of our conservatives’ asses. He is surely to become Canada’s Moonbat leader. Sikh and you shall find. I say Shriek. I am not racist but worried that the NDP will use the racist card to promote their leader. They are already playing into the hands of a separate Quebec: “Singh said this week that he would “immediately” work to support the province’s decision in the event of a majority ‘yes’ vote in a referendum.”….Just great and just what the Quebec separatists want (HuffPost).

We want a leader who will do everything to keep this country together, not tear it apart with identity politics….Geesh

Canadian government agency going after people who claim the sun is the primary component of our climate. Eeegads! call out the thought police…now! Middle aged thinking there for sure. Canadian judicial wants to bring back the “rack” to punish these scientific heretics.

Canadian government kills another nation building project in Energy East. Mayor of a major Quebec City laughed so hard when he heard this that he shit his pants – literally and figuratively – as he released millions of litres of raw sewage into the St Laurence River – all going downstream to the East Coast I may add to that.

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“I have a dream” Trudeau was heard to say. “That someday the world will rid itself of….. pipelines. You thought I was going to say Carbon didn’t you? Bahahahahahahahahahahaha…that’s a good one. Hey I talk the talk but would never walk the walk or walk the talk or talk the walk or use talk-um powder or whatever to wipe my ass. Hey, how do you like my carbon socks?” As he takes another sip of his carbonate of soda.

Toronto District School Board wants its students to recite Muslim greeting after the singing O Canada. Why not just sing:  “Muh, muh, muh my Sharia”

No wonder Canada’s primary currency is called the “Loonie.”

This just in from Canada’s Finance Department. Every one is in a titter over this one.  “We are going to conduct a gender-based analysis on finalized proposals, to ensure any changes to the tax system to promote gender equity. About 83 per cent of passive investment income is earned by Canadian-controlled private corporation owners making more than $250,000. About 70 per cent of these individuals are men. “The women were so tired of getting the shaft from the financial men” some financial guy was heard to say. This is titillating stuff.  The whole plan can be summarized in two words: “TITS UP.”

News Flash: Climate models wrong.

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Told ya it was the glue. You read it here first at Shakeyjay

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