1.5 Hour Work Week!

According to the UN, there are just 81 more days until the Maldives disappear due to Global Warming and Climate Change

Maldives today

Image result for pics of the maldivesBe scared, be very, very scared…of the UN!


The new, old TV program, “The Good Doctor” has been given a full season…great, can’t wait. Is this “The Good Wife’s” offspring or a regurgitation of “Dougie Hauser, MD.” C’mon guys get original here. We are not stupid. I pray for a miracle continually: “Please God give us back “Breaking Bad” and we’ll give you “The Good Doctor.”

New Canadian $20 coin honouring “snowflakes” everywhere. Millennials should buy this up fast. But snow is white. It is white privilege I tell you.” Shame on you Canada. Change the name immediately to “blow.” At $20 a crack, This Blow Matters.

News Flash: “New California law allows jail time for using wrong gender pronoun, sponsor denies that would happen. “Yes, Zir, no zir, your shit-bags full zir is zall I have to zay about zat. It is really a German pronoun you know” the government official stated.  A major San Andreas fault event can’t come soon enough. Yes, more on LGBTABCDEFHIJKLMNOPQURSTUVWXYZ stuff as most of northern California is burning.

Washington Post caption to the picture below: “Emissions spew out of a large stack at the coal-fired Morgantown Generating Station on Oct. 10, 2017 in Newburg, Maryland.” Dirty dirty, dirty coal. But you see the two stacks on the right are old stacks, decommissioned, while the one on the left is a new generation scrubber stack which extracts just about all of the dirty stuff. What you see there is clean steam arising. But the environ-mentals will not mention that dirty little secret.

NATO is there to protect Canada if North Korea poses a threat….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah….Oh, you mean these guys:

Image result for pics of north korean hats

Yeah right and the UN is going to admit that Climate Change was an elaborate hoax. As I remember NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Last time I checked North Korea was nowhere near the North Atlantic. But hey, who am I to judge an organization that is broad on politics but widely illiterate on geography. All Canada needs to do to take out these guys is an effective electron-magnet.

Wow. What’s good for the gander is bad for the goose, or so the saying goes. York school board takes down school’s 43-year-old totem pole after one complaint lodged. Try doing that out here in BC and you will be in for one huge native insur-erection.

Canadian Liberals lied after blowing budget to lecture TRUMP. They meant snow rather than blow but that is so white privilege that they changed the wording somewhat. “Apparently their noses were out of joint,” one official snorted.

Truth and Reconciliation committee announces a $750M payout to Indigenous people who as children were forced out of their family situations to adoption and therefore lost contact with their culture. Truth and Reconciliation is Canadian Liberal code for “the Gift that keeps on giving.” When is this going to end? On the one hand living in an isolated community in an area whose only claim to fame is the size of the black flies and mosquitos is terrible for youth suicides, drunkenness and domestic violence, while on the other hand taking them away from this toxic environment is akin to genocide and a blatant attack by racist governments on their culture. It is a win, win situation for the Indigenous people and a lose lose situation for the government of any day, today and for generations of governments to come….Geesh.

Death of the “Energy East Project” puts New Brunswick’s economy at risk. Who or what is a New Brunswick? They manufacture pool tables don’t they? They have an economy? They’re liberal are they not? End of story. But they do have Quebec’s raw sewage to contend with. “Shit happens man and it flows downstream to the place of least resistance – New Brunswick. From one liberal shit riding to another. Who cares?” a Liberal insider was heard to comment on the situation.

Angela Merkel won again. Someone said she is far right. No she is far out man!

Sweden starts a “Death Cleaning” initiative. De-cluttering your stuff before you depart. Wow. I do believe Sweden is twinned with California.

Macron is in big trouble with his constituents. How do you spell France? G…R…E…E…C…E.  Like Greece, French workers are ticked about their 1.5 hour work week. It is too much to ask, s’il vous plate!


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