Off the Grid!

Hey, only 80 days until the Maldives disappear…according to UN Officials who remain nameless and faceless!

Image result for pics of maldives underwaterLatest Maldive government cabinet meeting. “The one good thing to come out about all of this?” one government official gurgled. These damn meetings are over in one hour. But sometimes the chairman at these meetings can drive one around the bends. And when one farts we are all overcome by bubbles!

Off the grid. There is this HGTV series out now where this woman is building a dream house in the middle of the sticks because she wants to be off the grid. Not this but you get the idea here:

Image result for HGTV: Off the gridFor all you environ-mentals out there this (above pic) isn’t off the grid. But this is:

Image result for pics of puerto rico power outages Or this:

Image result for pics of puerto rico power outages Or this in Easter Ontario, Quebec in 1998. I lived through this and was without power for 14 days in sub-zero temperatures. Not nice or fun:

Image result for pics of 1998 ice stormNow, that is going off the grid. So, for all you environ-mentals who want to take us all off the grid, please move to Puerto Rico and see just how much fun this is. Let us know how she goes by sending a report by carrier pigeon.

Got to go now as a old bud of mine just called me from South Africa. More tomorrow.


SJ……………………..Out………… and off this grid.