M and Ms

79 more days until Maldives is historeeeeee, says the UN:

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It is getting  really bad out there:  The Toronto District School Board is completing a phase-out of the word “chief” from job titles, out of respect for Indigenous people. Titles such as chief financial officer, chief academic officer and chief communications officer will see the word “chief” removed and replaced with “manager” or something similar. The changes include 12 chief positions in the professional support services department where the word manager is now used. “The work began a few years ago and is now concluding,” TDSB spokesman Ryan Bird said. The real scandal here folks is that it took them a few years to come up with this decision. A FEW YEARS? How much did that cost?

I guess the word “How” is next!

My question. What about the military. No More Chief Petty Officer, Chief Warrant Officer? Commander in Chief? No more “hey Chief, what’s up today. Hey Manager” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Or “Hey Mang or Hey Manage”…Geesh. While were at it let’s get rid of the name Indigenous, or First Nations,or Aboriginals, or Indians, or the Redman and call everyone………..Canadian, without any hyphens. Hey how about calling them the “Big Kahunas” or “Shit Disturbers”

Weinstein. Love this:


Weinstein and Holly’s Woody in the Morning was built to keep the silence. Weinstein brought Holly’s Woody in the Morning to a whole new level.

Weinstein off to Europe for sex addiction rehab. Where Sweden? Germany’s Reeperbahn? Amsterdam’s Canal Street? Sex addiction rehab? Sounds oxymoronic to me. How’s that going to stack up? It’s like taking coal to Newcastle. Forget about us deplorables, eh Weinstein?

“I started a petition for the restaurant to remove seal meat from the menu because it is sourced by the commercial hunt and not the indigenous hunt.” A dead animal — albeit a delicious one — is still a dead animal, and it’s no more righteously dead depending on the race of the person who killed it. Hey where’s the Chief Cook here? I’m sure the seal knew that as well. The restaurant is named Ku-Kum Kitchen for a reason. After all of this mayhem they are going to change the name to Sku-Kum!

SJWs are always so concerned about paternalism and colonialism, but here they are with their animal rights colonialism trying to tell an aboriginal entrepreneur what to do with his own business. Do Black Olives come with that seal steak? You know Black Olives Matter to all SJWs.


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I have a dream. That the world will be rid of pipelines. That baristas and joints will be the order of the day and on every street corner. In the villages, in the towns, in our cities, across our great land. Yes…I have a dream. That the grass will always better in BC. I had a dream….and it was sooo cool….man!

Trudeau’s war on oil and gas is hitting BC hard 0- 60B and counting. Only one more to seal (see above) the deal. Cancel Kinder Morgan. Yeees I had that dream too…and it was a nightmare!


Why is Lake Superior’s water level so high? We’ve gotten a lot of rain and snow in recent years. But the Strib hints at a darker possibility:

“Is it climate change? Or is it just a cyclical thing?” Buck wondered aloud. “What can we do? What can we expect?”

But wait! Just a few short years ago, we were told that Lake Superior was drying up, as water levels were, for a while, below average. What caused the level of the Great Lakes to fall? Climate change, of course. And low levels, like high levels, are bad.

“It’s the Goldilocks Syndrome I tells ya,” some hick from rural Wisconsin touted.


California’s climate change alarmist Governor Jerry Brown is thrilled at more laws in the state being passed with the ultimate goal of phasing out vehicles that run on fossil fuels:

California power              Image result for pic of hamster on a treadmill

Utility Company

is on the go!

Yeah, that’ll work in the Moonbat State.


Bitcoin, Climate Change and now Shit-coin: all crypto currencies or the currency of the damned!

Eminem: In what is perhaps the fiercest and the most exhaustive attack against Donald Trump in hip-hop, Eminem “came to stomp” Tuesday night, calling the President everything from “Donald the b—-” to a “racist grandpa” in an explosive 4.5-minute freestyle rap. “That’s how he gets his rocks off and he is orange….”say what.

This from a guy who hails from that mecca of urban righteousness and renewal….Detroit! Or the guy(Slim Shady) who presents a video showing a woman taking a dump and wiping her ass. Yeah, that’s real visual art man…..shitty!

Oh Lord hear my prayer. Please give us back Hendrix and we’ll give you Eminem.

And here, all this time, I thought they were referring to candy called            Em – n –  Ems. I like the yellow ones best!



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